Price and Delivery

Deliver in More than 20 Days
USD $100.00


Furniture is a major cost for any home , office or hotel that can be considerably reduced by buying and importing furniture from China at wholesale price. An individual may hesitate at the prospect of going to China to buy furniture, however prices are substantially lower than retail prices in the home country to justify a trip to China for buying furniture. If you plan to buy furniture ,lights and all items related to interior for a home with 3000 square feet area you should be able to buy all furniture in a week’s time.

China is the world factory , According to the feedback from our clients, it will save you at least 40%-60% to buy the same quality item in China. This includes your flights, hotel, shipping fees, duties. And you will also gain a memorable travel experience in China. Whatever whole sale or home use? We care about your demands! If you are buying for home use, it might not buy everything in one factory. And sometime the order need more than one week to be finished, you might not stay in China until it is ready. So we will be on behalf of you, go to the factory inspect the items, make sure the model, color, quality are the same as you ordered.