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Deliver in Aprox. 1-2 Months
USD $1.00


Our services include:

Products sourcing and exporting from China.
  • - Home decorative products, Lighting fixtures, Furniture, General merchandise
  • - Collect lates information from vendors and recommendation
  • - Catch up with the trend of markets
  • - Factory visit arrangement and sampling coordination
  • - Terms negotiation and recommendation
  • - Pre-shipment QC Inspection service
  • - Complaint negotiation

    Order administration and commercial documentation.
  • - Order tracking and processing
  • - Booking shipping space
  • - Coordination with vendors, importers' buying offices, forwarding agents, test laboratoris, etc.
  • - Consolidation of shipment arrangement with vendors
  • - Handling payments to vendors
  • - Application for customs documents, such as Certificates of Orgin in China, and Chamber certification in Hong Kong
  • - Preparation of invoices and shipping documents
  • - Sending payment documents to buyers
  • - Filing import and export declarations
  • - Preparation of order and payment status reports
  • Production Lead time 45~60 days

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