Native Advertising With SpaceIO

Price and Delivery

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USD $500.00


Promote your Brand With Design Pros & Home Owners

Do you have a design, home improvement, home staging business, or eCommerce products/site?

Who we are?

We are home improvement, designers and homeowners social network

Our Audience:

* Homeowners
* Interior Designers
* Architects
* Design Enthusiasts
* Home Improvement Services and Vendors

How to Advertise With SpaceIO

Your products and services ads displayed throughout the website

Types of Advertisements

* Banner Ads
* Search Ads
* Native Product Ads
* User Behavioral Ads

Benefits of Advertising with SpaceIO

Campaign Scheduling: From & To dates. Day of week and time.
Notification enables efficient campaign management through:
Email, PUSH, SMS
Targeting Audience: based on Location, Platform, etc.
Reporting: daily/weekly

Site Traffic Stats

Site Traffic: 100,000
Monthly Ad Views: 360,000
Average conversion rate: 3%

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The New Way To Sell A Design Service. Check it Out!!

The New Way To Sell A Design Service. Check it Out!!


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