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Designing your home as a couple can be exciting and fun - on the other hand it can be stressful and nerve-racking. Conflicts are bound to arise when making important decisions. This kit going to show you how to negotiate and compromise with your partner in order to achieve the comfortable and beautiful home you both want.

Our Designing for the Couple Kit will help you work through your toughest design challenges!

How DESIGNING FOR THE COUPLE KIT will benefit you:

You will define the style of home that best matches your unique lifestyle as a couple
You will get clarity of how you would like the space to function and look
You will define the elements that matter most to you in your shared space and how to work together
You will get an 8 step checklist for the couple that you can start today.
You will learn which colours will work best for couples
You will learn how to compromise on furniture and accessories
You will learn how to create a more restful bedroom
You will discover so many things you never knew about your partner!

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