Best Home Improvement TV Shows That Will Give You Inspiration

Best Home Improvement TV Shows That Will Give You Inspiration

Shows that show how to work around the house are quite popular. Here is our list of the top ten home improvement shows. You can watch these shows on streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. If you live outside the US, you can still use Hulu with the help of the VPN.

This Old House

An American home improvement show, This Old House is a franchise that also includes magazine and a website. The series started in 1979 and is still going strong. Each episode follows the renovation of old houses, and nowadays concentrates more on luxury and high-end homes.

House Hunters

House Hunters is about families trying to find the perfect home for them. Every aspect of the owners' needs in a home is discussed and the show connects with viewers at a very emotional level.

Trading Spaces

This is an 8-season show that aired from 2000 to 2008. In this show, neighbors work in teams in each other's homes with just $1,000. The goal is to completely redecorate both the homes within the budget in two days.

Property Brothers

Property Brothers is a Canadian show featuring the Scott twins, Jonathan and Drew. The show follows the brothers who allow couples to see a vision for their new homes and help them find and fix them up.

Grand Designs

A British show, Grand Designs focuses on elaborate home improvement projects, focusing on energy savings and space optimisation. It is hosted by Kevin McCloud, who delves into some pretty interesting and luxury buildings.

Extreme Homes

Extreme Homes is all about funky new designs. The show started in 2012 and showcases some of the most bizarre homes around the world. There is not much practical learning from the show, but it gives you an insight into the most unique properties in the world.

Design on a Dime

Have $1,000 to spare for your home? Then get on it and get ideas for how to change your room into something completely different. This show has a lot of tips for recycling and reusing old items to create new ones. It's perfect for those who have little to spend but love to keep a perfect home.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Beachfront homes are traditionally the stronghold of the ultra-rich, but you might stand a chance with a more reasonable budget. The show features retired people searching for reasonably budgeted homes facing the sea. The show helps them find good homes and renovate them according to their requirements.

Gardeners' World

Another old show commenced in 1968, Gardeners' World is a British gardening program. If your home has a garden and if you have the least interest in growing interesting things, then this is the show for you! This BBC show is tied to the Gardeners' World magazine.

The New Yankee Workshop

DIY projects are the rage. Home carpentry can open up great opportunities for home improvement for home owners. This is what The New Yankee Workshop explores with Norm Abram giving tips on how to fashion your own furniture and restore old furniture. The show also gives some historical information on antique furniture.

If you want to jazz up your home or just want to plan ahead for buying your dream home, check out the above shows. Watching some of these episodes can help you with ideas. After all, there is nothing more satisfactory than working on your home.


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Home Upgrades That Are Worth The Investment

Home Upgrades That Are Worth The Investment

It is a well-known fact that owning a house is a never-ending project and that you will have to do some upgrades from time to time. Whether you want to make the house more enjoyable for you and your family or you are looking for ways to increase the value for a better sale in the future, there is no doubt you will need to consider some smart investments. You do not have to undertake major renovation projects and waste money on all the areas in your home. Rather, you should focus on important areas for bigger renovations while the rest of the house can be easily fixed up with some minor ones.


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Author: Nora Kay Nora Kay Spaceio Blogger
Social Network of Interior Designers

Social Network of Interior Designers

Social Network Site For Interior Design Anyone can tell you that Spaceio has turned into a wonderful social network. Lately, many people are using it as a source for inspiration when it comes to interior design and renovation. You have the ability to find incredible pictures from architects, designers, homeowners and bloggers from all over the globe. Before you know it, you will find yourself surfing the network for hours. The key to viewing some of the most inspirational and juiciest pictures is knowing all of the right hashtags to search for. These are the top 15 favorites when it comes to design-centric hashtags that you will love on SpaceIO.


This was started by a designer, blogger and really cool chick by the name of Justina Blakeney. This is a hashtag that features spaces all over the world that are boho-inspired. You will find a number of stunning vintage pieces, African indigos, bamboo, rattan and succulents. If you have a love for everything bohemian, eclectic and more, you will have plenty to dive into with this option.


This is a nice hashtag when you want to look for inspiration for the everyday home. The styles will vary a great deal here, but you will see plenty in the form of exterior, interior and decorating ideas from homeowners of all backgrounds. Searching through this feed will help to bring you some unexpected treasures, as there is a little bit of everything.


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How To Bring Character To A Spare Bedroom

How To Bring Character To A Spare Bedroom

Ah, the spare bedroom - it’s usually a tough one to incorporate into the overall aesthetic of your home. Mainly because nobody is actually living in it most of time, and it has to cater for a range of potential guests tastes. How I tend to envision the spare room is like this; if you were to design the bedrooms for a 5 star hotel how would you do it? what styles would you consider? what colour scheme would match the majority? It should represent your character and your homes, but it shouldn’t be dominating to someone who may not understand your charismatic or quirky decor choices.

Saying that, the last thing you want is a dull plain Jane of a room that exudes no love, light or character. Finding the balance is essential to make sure your visitors have a pleasant and memorable stay - even if it's only for one night!


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10 Tips For Retro Dining Rooms

10 Tips For Retro Dining Rooms

Getting the retro look is often worth it as it’s been very on trend for a number of years no and looks set to continue to be so into the future. Here are ten tips to ensure your dining room has that old fashioned appeal.

1. To keep a dining room in use and alive, try to use your dining room table for flowers or piles of books and other uses. If you would like to add some interest, you should make changes to your glassware and china on a regular basis. Changing your table setting and updating it by introducing new pieces is a lot of fun. They might come from foreign travel or car-boot sales. Don't be hesitant to purchase two, three or even four glasses, since you can pair them with other things very easily.


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Author: Deepa  Raj Deepa Raj Spaceio Blogger
The French Twist - French Style  Designs

The French Twist - French Style Designs

When it comes to French interior designing, stunning architecture and natural beauty, along with its sophistication as well as its blithesome approach, is one of the reason that France is known for. Therefore, incorporate the home interior space with decorative elements such as elaborate woodwork, marble floors, paintings, and wooden furniture with detailed and decorated fabrics to bring in the french magic instantly. Additionally, incorporate the new with the old and let the unique accessories complement one another in an asymmetrical manner. For instance, teaming armchairs with an ottoman or placing a few lamps of different heights.


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