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   |  Jan. 10, 2018, 11:13 a.m.
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Your roof is among the most significant top features of your house. Beyond protecting your household from the elements, in addition, it helps define the design of your home’s exterior. Nevertheless, many property owners tend to stick to traditional choices like asphalt shingles when changing their roof. Roof replacement dearborn michigan provides a multitude of roofing materials specifically asphalt shingles and steel roofing. While asphalt is usually an effective and economical option, you might be interested in deciding on a material that will make your home really stand out. 

Throughout history, different communities refined specialized roofing techniques to best protect their home from a specific environment. Modern technology allows home owners to focus more on style than on functionality, as nearly any material can be treated to increase longevity and become weather resistant. 

If you’re seeking to give your house a unique look, or own it reflect some design, consider replacing your roofing with among the materials in this website. 

  1. Wood Shingles

Hardwood shingles were historically found in Europe and the UNITED STATES colonies, in addition to in newer architectural styles like the Tudor Revival. Crimson cedar is normally the most prevalent hardwood utilized for these shingles, since it is even more resistant to decay and stronger than a great many other types of wood. 

Contemporary wood shingles are carefully trim from a wood block to make a uniform look over the roof. As the shingles tend to end up being the same form and size, they lay toned, creating a good barrier that's resistant to severe wind or hail. 

Because of their rustic look, hardwood shingles give your house the appearance of an early on European country home or cottage. If you’d like your home to have an air flow of simplicity and modesty, give solid wood shingles a try. 


The main issues you’ll face with any kind of wood roof are rot and moss. Soon after installing the roofing, speak to your roofing contractor about covering the roofing with a preservative treatment. Remove any branches around your house that may unnecessarily color your roof and stop drying. Clean moss and particles off the roofing as much as possible, and look out for signals of rot or cracking. 

If the maintenance needs are prohibitive, or you reside in a location that bans wood due to fire risks, you may use composite materials that mimic the appearance of wooden shingles. You’ll obtain the style you wish with a smaller sized environmental impact and much less focus on your part. 

  1. Clay Tiles

Clay is a popular roofing material since the starting of civilization. You can get clay roofs throughout Asia, the center East, European countries, Africa, and North and SOUTH USA. Clay tiles are long lasting, require small maintenance, and so are fire proof, making them suitable for a number of climates. 

Although clay tiles can be found in many styles and colours now, if you’re interested in giving your house the look of a Spanish- or Roman-style villa, opt for overlapping S-formed tiles in shades of brownish, red, or gold. The bright coloring and exotic aesthetic will definitely catch the eye and make your home appealing to purchasers looking for something unique. 

Though they tend to be more expensive than asphalt, tile roofs have the added benefits of being environmentally friendly, weather resistant,and insulating.


Clay is are silient material-ruins dating back thousands of years still have clay roofs in fairly good condition. For the most part, the tiles themselves won’t require maintenance, but remember to periodically check on the gutters, flashing, and other non-tile elements. 

  1. Copper

Metal roofs are extremely popular due to their endurance and insulating properties. They hardly ever deteriorate, and they deflect sunlight. If a metal roof is normally your ideal, consider choosing copper. 

Copper has a distinct red tone that is unmatched by other types of metal. You will find copper embellishments on historic buildings such as the Hagia Sophia and the Florence Cathedral, as it was often used to distinguish public buildings like churches and universities. It comes with an elegant, regal appearance that may add surroundings of sophistication to your house. 

Like various other metals, copper has many properties which make it suitablefor defending your home. It really is resistant to corrosion and bacterial development, it’s long lasting while still being light-weight, and in fact it is malle able more than enough to conveniently cover the many unusually shaped roofs. 


Copper requires small maintenance, aside from the removal of dirt or particles. However, as time passes, copper will oxidize and create a protective covering. In its finalstage, this covering is normally green or blue-green. If you would like your home to ultimately have the organic weathered look, keep the copper as is normally. 

However, if you would like to stall the procedure and keep carefully the reddish-brown tint for provided that possible, speak to your contractor in regards to a chemical treatment that may decelerate the oxidation process. 

If these roofing types appeal for you, speak to Roofing Dearborn about obtaining the components and tools you have to commence installation

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