Do you need some thing unique for that space ? Custom Made Extra Large Glass Clocks with Lighting - Handmade by me, for you.

   |  July 4, 2018, 9:34 a.m.
My name is Craig Anthony and i would like to introduce you glass work. I launched my decorative arts company Reformations 3 years ago to enable me to introduce my work to a wider audience and feed my passion for making. I take my inspiration from the natural world. Living in rural Mid Wales, a landscape that contains open moorland, mountains, woods, lakes and rivers, I am surrounded by the shifting patterns and colours that feed my creativity. Each piece develops organically, a reciprocal relationship between the materials and my imagination and every creation feeds the design of the next. Each unique creation is handmade in my home studio. I have devised my individual making process over many years of experimentation, allowing me control over the pigments and textures whilst retaining the random and natural interaction of the materials. Created using paints with a high pigment content on specially prepared glass, and embracing a sense of natural chaos, my work is guaranteed to make a bold statement in any, contemporary setting. Many of my larger works are encapsulated in professional clear resin which ensures the life of the art for potentially centuries to come. Additionally many of my works feature ambient lighting. In darkness, this creates a dramatic display as the varied depth and consistency of the paints gives the glass an intriguing opacity - embers swell into existence, then vanish, only to be replaced by another hue in another place; the effect is hypnotic, drawing the eye into flourishes of colour which produce a display that can be anything from boisterous to enigmatic. To see my full collection please visit or contact me here at Info [!at] With the kindest of regards - Craig Anthony “Glass is my canvas”
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