‘Spaceio' invites Middle Eastern interior designers and architects to dabble in ideas galore for home and office décor

24 March 2014

Spaceio, a US based company is the one of the leading online portal for interior designers, real estate developers, furniture manufacturers and the entire community. Launched recently, the website serves as an idea bank which can equip you with everything related to home or office décor. The range of services provided spans across the globe harbouring the largest residential design database community- spurred by social networking tools.

One can create a profile with details important for public display, be it a professional, designer or an architect. The site is quite intuitive and prompts for detailed information as one can easily browse through the registration steps to complete the website login. The site harnesses the power of social networking and allows profiles to be viewed apart from recommending or liking a member. The site is very dynamic and vibrant and professionals can upload updated information to their ideas, projects or services and thus ensuring to bring together like minded audiences for their creations.

“Middle Eastern people come with a strong taste for high end designs historically speaking and will capture these images and help you collaborate with the world. Architects and designers from this region could be a source of inspiration for the developers of newer homes being created in China, India, South America and blend with modern concepts of the West. On Spaceio every opinion expressed matters. Every minute design detail for one’s home or office – from the placement of sofa to the positioning of the table to placing the flower vase is taken care of. One can register and login to benefit from those whose work inspires, message and ask doubts to professionals, read reviews from the community about architects, designers, landscapers and much more,” said Ms.Kumud Sambasivan, Managing Director, Spaceio.

The main idea for the formation of was felt due to a need to gather interior designers, architects, contractors, vendors, realtors and photographers in a social platform and to unleash the potential to a global audience. An innovative interior decorator from India could show case products to a buyer based in the UAE. A Russian carpet designer could reach out with his/her unique designs to a home maker in the US for completing his or her dream home. Collaboration of ideas and commerce inspired by innovative designs across the globe was the sole motive and passion for the team executing the strategy behind Spaceio.

“At Spaceio you can display your work by reaching out to your audience and communicate with your prospective clients. As a professional it becomes easier to reach out to your audience as one can tap Spaceio to its fullest potential. Being a visual platform it makes things easier as the works of a professional is put in front of many homeowners to see every day. One can view a plethora of images, exchange and debate on ideas and share what you like to an unlimited extent. Surfing and browsing through the vast catalog of images and ideas is a cakewalk and one can also save pictures of ones choice with notes and comments. Privacy and collaboration options too exist which also assists in sharing and communicating more effectively with prospective clients across the globe,” added Kumud.

“With Spaceio at one click away, one will never face ambiguity in selecting a design of one’s choice. At Spaceio the gung ho team of design enthusiasts, professionals and a harmonious group of homeowners are always there to help out when needed. To find the latest fad in decoration of home or office décor, one can easily and efficiently finds solutions across the website and learn more on what is there to be offered. Prospective clients get a lot of ideas and are not confused about what they want since the website has a strategic way of letting out ideas for a home/office enthusiast to find their dream design. “We at Spaceio are simply the catalysts – We guide you so that you get connected with the interior decorators, home improvement professionals, and home décor enthusiasts. Spaceio is always with you. We don’t influence decisions we only channel your ideas. We allow users to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews and turn ideas into reality,” concluded Kumud.