Eight Things You Should Know before Painting Baby's Room

Eight Things You Should Know before Painting Baby's Room

Babies are very delicate and thus require special care. Same goes for the things related to them. You can eat whatever you wish and it won’t affect you as badly as it could affect the baby. When you are painting your house more attention is to be paid as to how the baby’s room should be painted. You can’t and mustn’t use the same product for the baby’s room too. Here are the eight do’s of what to do for painting a baby’s room.

The composition:

The composition of the paint is an important knowledge. The paint must not be made of any volatile organic compound since it is known to cause headaches and dizziness. Now these might be acute for adults but for babies it can be very severe. Rather than the paints that contain volatile organic compounds one can use latex-free ones since they are made especially for people with breathing issues and contain less chemicals.


The choice of color is really important. Though it is a normal rule that lighter colors make the room look bigger while the darker ones make it look smaller the color of the baby’s room need more variables. The color of the room can help shape the baby’s mind. Calm colors will make him calmer while colors like red can make him more aggressive.


The required quantity is taken out on the basis of the square footage of the room, the quality of the paint used, number of coats you want and whether you have used a primer or not. The more the square footage, the more paint you will need. For more than one coats more paint is needed and primer actually saves a lot of paint.


It depends on your usage which type of finish you need. You can use the eggshell finish if you need a washable wall which is kind of must when it comes to a baby’s room. The paint is moisture resistant and can be washed incase the wall gets dirty since that is supposed to happen with little kids around.


Timing is everything. You should start painting for a newborn’s room when he isn’t even born since the fumes take a long time to be diffused out of the room. Install a fan first in the room since you cannot let the paint dry through the winds from the window.


The preparation is a bigger part. If you are making a new room into the baby’s room there might not be much furniture to cover. In this case cover only the ground and the power outlets and knobs to avoid damage form spill.

Color scheme:

You should think of a color scheme before so that the room has matching furniture and things don’t look haphazard. Choose a light color so that it gives a positive effect on baby’s mind.


You must know how old your home is so that you can avoid lead while sanding or priming the room. In case your home is older than 1980 you must get a certified professional to do the work to avoid issues caused by lead. When you have considered these things it’s time to contact Ecopainting Inc - Commercial Painting Services to turn your imagination into reality.


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Tips for Designing a Luxurious Kid-Friendly Home

Tips for Designing a Luxurious Kid-Friendly Home

Have you ever wanted your home to be a sophisticated space worthy of the cover of Architecture Digest magazine? Did you end up with a bunch of Legos instead of area rugs and smudged walls? Do you have to hide your expensive porcelain collection in the attic, because you’re afraid your little angels will break it? It’s ok, you are not the only one. But this doesn’t mean you are stuck in this situation. There are things you can do to give your home the luxurious feel you are craving, without making it unlivable for your kids.

Open the space up

Small, cramped spaces can look messy and feel claustrophobic, especially if you have kids’ stuff everywhere. An open concept main floor not only allows you to have ample space that can look more elegant, but it also gives you the chance to monitor what your kids are doing while you are preparing food or entertaining guests. Furthermore, you can make the space seem even bigger by getting rid of the unnecessary furniture and accessories. Minimalism is your best friend.

Build in, whatever you can

Tips for Designing a Luxurious Kid-Friendly Home
Bulky bookshelves may have worked great in the Beast’s castle, but since you are not living in a fairy tale and don’t have an enormous library, you should consider built-in shelves that don’t occupy much space. Additionally, you can install walk-in closets instead of the regular ones.

Choose your furniture wisely

Tips for Designing a Luxurious Kid-Friendly Home
A luxurious house that’s also kid-friendly should strike the perfect balance between opulence and ease-of-maintenance, while also being safe for small children. Long luxury sofas in the living room can emphasize the length of the room and, at the same time, provide you with the perfect nook for family evening gatherings that can include watching TV or reading good-night stories. Since sharp-edged furniture is out of the question if you have toddlers, you can go for a round coffee table or ottoman. Upholstery is another important factor to consider. You can opt for vinyl, tweed or Larson. All of them give away a sense of formality and elegance, while still being durable and easy to clean.

Light it up

Fortunately for you, your kids are probably not tall enough to reach the lighting fixtures so this is the area where you can really splurge. Make the ceiling fixture the focal point of the room, by installing something like a Victorian chandelier. You can also make your kitchen island and dining room table stand out with pendant lights. Layer the lighting solutions to create an elegant ambience. Add task lights to the kitchen counter, and accent lights around the bathroom mirror or the art pieces in your living room.

Introduce splendor with accessories

Tips for Designing a Luxurious Kid-Friendly Home
It is impossible to imagine any luxurious space without high-end accessories. However, you should do your best to keep those accessories out of your kids’ reach or opt for durable and resistant items. Things that could be useful are mirrors, metallic accessories, artisan pieces, artwork, antiques, etc. You should also enrich the texture of the space by adding plush throw pillows, sheepskin rugs, and soft throw blankets.

Protect your decor, protect your kids

Don’t let your décor hurt your kids, but don’t let your kids ruin your décor either. Try your best not to leave any breakable, sharp or heavy items where your children can reach them. As for the decorative elements you need to protect, museum gel can be helpful, especially for shielding collectible sculptures, ceramics or vases. Everything else needs to be stain-resistant or easy to wash, including the walls.

As you can see, it is quite possible to have a luxurious home that suits both you and your children. There is no reason to turn your home into a playground just because you want to entertain and protect your kids, but there is also no reason to constrain your little ones to their rooms so that you can have an extravagant home. Follow these tips, and you will have both.


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Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Organic Crib Mattress

Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Organic Crib Mattress

Once you are done with the hard task of choosing a perfect crib for the room, you have to go on to the next step which is choosing the right kind of mattress for that crib. There are tons of options available but like everything else including the organic fruits and vegetables, the mattresses these days are also coming in organic form. The organic mattresses are surely a bit more expensive than the other conventional ones but they do have. A lot of advantages that other mattresses do not offer. These advantages make the organic mattresses a better choice.


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bedroom daniela

bedroom daniela

this week we have finished this project so special for us. I have decided to upload the photos so that you can see in detail what we do since we never show it, from painting, carpentry and decoration, we need a great team like the one we have, with that it is possible to work the millimeter. I want to thank mainly Eli and Isra, for trusting us and sending us the photos so that you can see them and Juan Vasquez and his team for the quality they have when it comes to working, which is always more than what is asked, for more information


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Survival Guide - Unpacking And Setting Up The Home After The Move

Survival Guide - Unpacking And Setting Up The Home After The Move

The process of moving out and moving in is definitely a daunting process. So half the battle is already over, if one has successfully moved into a new home! Since the process of systematic unpacking has a lot to do with the packing process devised by before moving out itself, here are a few tips for homeowners on how to get the home set perfectly without being lost among all those boxes and feel devastated.

To start with, it is important to plan the moving in time and the room that one would prefer to set first. The timing plays an important role here, especially when the family have small children within. It is recommended to move in during the morning hours since it will provide homeowners ample of time to set up the prioritized room as well as get the electrical fixtures installed.


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House Tour in Hawaii - H1+FN Design Build Collaborative  |  Hale Kilo I'a  |  Kailua, HI

House Tour in Hawaii - H1+FN Design Build Collaborative | Hale Kilo I'a | Kailua, HI

Hale Kilo I'a is a collaborative project between H1 Construction & Fujita+Netski Architecture, together called the H1+FN Design Collaborative. It is a unique blend of Hawaiian and modern architecture.

The homeowner is an architectural freak who wanted a place that looked fresh, no matter how often he stayed in. Additionally, he wanted a space that he and his family as well as friends could enjoy.


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