Stunning Interior Design Features

Stunning Interior Design Features

For the most part, homes are designed with practical concerns in mind. The home needs to be practical and as modular as it can be so that you can change it based on your growing needs. However, every now and then, you'll need to install a feature that's striking and is there to create a sense of style.

These features are sometimes a bit more costly, but they don't need to be. For the most part, it's important that they pop and are noticeable right away.

Glass walls

There are a lot of ways to create a minimalist design, but the best way to create both a minimalistic look and a stunning feature in your home is to have a glass outer wall It's a large construction project to install one, but it will make your home the most noticeable one in the block and allow you to use your interior design as an art installation.

Have in mind that there are a lot of considerations to pay attention to that don't initially come to mind. This isn't an option for those with a lot of sunlight during the day and for those living in busy neighborhoods.

Exposed brick

Exposed brick is a small addition to your home and it can be done in almost any room of the house and it will bring something new and unexpected to it. Depending on how the rest of the home is designed, it could make it look more retro and sophisticated or more playful and young.

It's important to note that this is a feature made to draw attention to itself and therefore it only works if it's not overwhelming and if it's made to stand out from the rest of the room it's in. Limit this feature to one wall per room and it will pop.


Lighting is essential for creating the ambiance of a room and if you choose carefully, you can make the whole room appear warmer, cozier and in the end, more beautiful. If you want your lighting to do even more, you might considerpurchasing wholesale candles to use as a light source

The goal of such a lighting setup isn't to provide the needed illumination to work or write for a long period of time, but to set a mood. You'll still need accent lights for day to day tasks.

A fireplace

A fireplace is a great addition to your living room. It can become the centerpiece of conversations and activity but it can also be a thing in the background that sets the mood for the room. There's basically no limit as to what you can achieve with a fireplace, it can be as smooth and modern or as rustic and old fashioned as you want it to be.

White fireplaces are often the best option if your goal is to dazzle your visitors. It makes a good background for retro furniture, but it needs to be maintained and cleaned more often.

Use the walls

The walls are often underused parts of the design. Even homes that have a lot of wall art still feature quite a lot of empty space on the largest display they have available. Changing this up could attract quite a lot of positive attention.

Consider making the whole wall an art piece that will stand out and that you won't want to cover with furniture and decoration. Also, you need to consider how this wall will be lit since it needs some light in order to remain effective in its goal at all times.


The home can't be just a place to spend time and sleep, it needs to be beautiful. Some features of your design need to be there just to be stunning and noticeable by your friends and visitors.

These features are sometimes small and easy to install and implement, such as adding small candles, and sometimes they need to be a part of a large construction project, such as installing a glass wall. Have in mind that all of this needs to be a part of your own aesthetic and not just a feature you added to make the home appear more interesting.


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Things to Consider for a Roof Replacement

Things to Consider for a Roof Replacement

As roof provides with shelter and protection, every decision regarding roofing must be taken wisely and consciously. When it comes to roof replacement, it is one of the major investments a homeowner is going to make in his life. So, it is important to keep certain knowledge and information about it before making any final decision. Here are some of the things which you should consider for a roof replacement.

The Need & Urgency of Replacement

The first thing which you as a homeowner must be clear about is the urgency and need for roof replacement. You need to analyze the condition of your roof to see whether the repairs would help at this point or not. If the damage is severe and there is no way out of the situation, you are better off replacing the roof. You need to assess the situation by making your roof go through proper inspection prior to any replacement.

Remove the Old Roof First

It is possible to install a new roof without removing the old one, but it is not recommended by experts. Most of the contractors would suggest otherwise preventing the extra efforts. But you need to make sure that you make the existing shingles removed for the optimum performance of your roof.

Right Time for Replacement

You need to choose the time of roof replacement very smartly. If there is not any urgency, you should wait for the off-season to get your roof replaced. It’s the best time as you won’t have to wait longer for your turn. Also, for roof repair Dearborn Michigan most of the professional roofing contractors would be readily available to give your roof undivided time and attention.

Choice of Material

There are various types of roofing material and each one possesses its own characteristics and features. It is not necessary to choose the same material you have chosen before. Now that you have experienced the previous one, you can make new and better choices which are best suited to your current needs, requirements, and lifestyle.

Warranty Coverage

Your old roof might have some warranty coverage depending upon the life expectancy it has. Before you go for your roof replacement, get in contact with your company to understand the details about its warranty coverage. It may help your save some of your money and time.

Cost Estimation

Since you are going to invest a lot in roof replacement, it is your responsibility to make sure that your money is not going to be wasted. You can ask your contractor to give you fair and valid cost estimation based on your choices and requirements.

Prior & Post Replacement Clean-Up

It is the most ignored yet important thing for roof replacement. You need to make sure that you clean your roof from every dust and debris before the replacement. Similarly, you must keep it in your mind beforehand that what you are going to do with the leftovers, scraps of discarded roofing, and other disposed wastage material after the replacement.


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Things You Need to Know About Roof Colors

Things You Need to Know About Roof Colors

When you think about adding value to your property, you must also consider the role of different color schemes for your roof. Some homeowners tend to skip this part while it is important to acknowledge its importance before finalizing anything for your roof and home. You must possess the required skills of playing with different colors to increase the aesthetic and curb appeal of your home. Here are a few things mentioned which you need to know about roof colors.

Color Samples

You should not finalize a color without looking for samples. However, a complete look of your roof at the end of the day seems to be very different than the samples. But you can somehow get an idea about different color combinations by looking at the sample chips next to your siding and walls in different lighting conditions. You can also look for different color blends in your neighborhood to get confirmation and inspiration from them.


You need to mix patterns in the same way as you do for the interior of your home. You can get different suggestions from the companies and expert roofing contractors and if your roof is damaged then you might need their services for roof repair Macomb county Michigan. But you must make a final decision based on your own personal choice and analysis. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes a different pattern than your interior would end up increasing the aesthetic of your home more than the same pattern. You need to blend colors in every possible way to imagine different exuberant patterns on your home while keeping in mind that too much color variety can also make your home look chaotic.

Architectural Style

A very few homeowners would really care about it but the architectural style of a home also affects the choice of colors for roof shingles. For instance, if you want to maintain a natural and simple vibe for your home, it is recommended to try muted green, grey, or brown colors on wooden shingles. However, you can go for black, grey, or blue to maintain a warm and casual look of your home. You must also know the fact that light colors make your home look larger and wider while dark colors may make it look comparatively smaller.

Your Surroundings & Neighborhood

It is one of the most important aspects which you should consider while choosing roof colors. At any point, you might have to resell your home. So, it is important to choose a roof color which harmonizes really well with the natural surroundings and neighborhood. It is important to make your home stand out of others for the selling purpose but not for the wrong reasons.

Heat Absorption

You need to know that light colors are highly reflective and keep your home cooler. On the contrary, dark colors absorb more heat and sunlight which help to keep your home warmer. Although temperature of your home is also dependent on proper ventilation and insulation, you need to make sure that the colors you choose also help in fulfilling your temperature requirements.


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