After logging in to Spaceio you will see the primary tab on the top of the page as shown below. Each link on the base tab has a specific functionality. Let's dwell deep into the sites features by clicking on the links of primary tab.

Spaceio Discuss

Click on the Discuss tab on the top right to ask your questions. A form will be displayed as shown below
Ask or Share Form Fields
  • Title - The main theme of your question should be stated here
  • Body - Describe and elaborate your question with extensive details for apt answers from our users
  • Image - Add images of your ideas on interiour design.This helps to give a clear understanding of your doubts.
After you enter your question and press the save button you will see the list of questions asked on the left hand side of this form.
If you click on a particular question in the list show above,the question with respective responses will be shown. You can comment on the discussion or ask you doubts here. This will happen through a small post response form in the page.The form is shown below.
The POST RESPONSE form also contain two fields namely:
  • Body - Your text response can be added in body field
  • Image - If you want to give an example by showing a image you can do that.But it's not compulsory to upload an image
After you enter your response it is added to the list of responses for a Question.

Spaceio Ideas

Spaceio Ideas presents the users with interesting Ideas of interious design that prevail in the market. At present the Admin of the website and other moderators only can create an Idea. When you click on ideas tab the list of all the idea books are displayed which can be shown as below
As show in the above image there are set of tags which represent the category of the Idea.i.e
If you click on a particular tag the list of all Ideas that belong to that category are displayed. This makes you look at what you actually want than browsing through all the ideas. The responses to the Idea happens in a similar way as with the Spaceio Discuss tab.After you comment the responses will be shown as a list.

Spaceio Images

When you click on Images tab of the site you will see all the images of the Ideas presented to you. This list of images can be viewed based on categories displayed above the list of all images. The IMAGES tab looks as shown below


The MY SPACEIO tab contains the following sub links
  • Myspaces - Myspaces are the ideas which you are interested in
  • Change Email - You can the change the email with which you registered to our site
  • Sign out - signs you out of Spaceio