Create a Home Spa in Your Bathroom


Creating a refreshing home spa may be easier than you think. All you need are modern bathroom products that are equipped with the right features. Consider including a steam shower and/or a whirlpool bathtub in your next bathroom remodel.
Luxury bathroom design is becoming more commonplace in residential bathrooms. Design your home bathroom so all of the components come together in harmony. Make your bathroom a place you can come home to and enjoy a spa experience in, without the trip to the spa or the gym. Image is of a project by Ambience Design Group, ON, Canada.

Steam Showers

Start by contemporizing your bathroom with an at-home steam shower. The steam shower is becoming more popular in residential interior design trends, and it isn’t hard to see why. Prefabricated steam showers are easy to install and don’t require as large of a budget as a custom steam shower project.

Bathing with steam offers health benefits that the average shower cannot provide, including improved respiration, circulation and pain relief. You can enjoy all of these benefits from the comfort of your own home with an at-home steam shower. You can even install a steam shower and sauna combination unit.

The Ariel Platinum DZ960F8 Steam Shower is an example of a home steam shower that comes equipped with tempered glass, surround sound speakers, body massage jets, FM radio, touch screen control panel with timer, foot massager, ceiling light and rainfall ceiling showerheads. These included features are just what you need to have the ultimate showering experience from the comfort of your own home.

The Ariel Platinum DS201F3 Steam Shower and Finnish Sauna includes an attached sauna room that accompanies the steam shower enclosure. Never go back to the gym again to enjoy a sauna session.

Whirlpool Bathtub

Don’t forget the relaxing properties of soaking in a bathtub. Imagine sitting in a bathtub with whirlpool jets, Chroma therapy lighting and your favorite radio station playing. The Ariel Platinum AM152JDTSZ-59 Whirlpool Bathtub is an example of a whirlpool bathtub that comes equipped with a LCD control panel, six massage modes and 15 whirlpool jets. This unit is also ETL certified.

Image is courtesy by Hotel Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives

Combo Steam Shower

If you can’t decide between a steam shower unit and a whirlpool bathtub, or if you don’t think you have room for both, you may want to install a combination steam shower and whirlpool bathtub unit. The Ariel 701 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub is surrounded by blue tinted tempered glass and comes with 12 body massage jets, two built-in seats and two handheld shower heads.

Image is of a project by Aristocrat Interiors, Dubai, U.A.E.

Luxury Toilet Seats

Why stop at the bathtub? Shouldn’t your toilet be as relaxing as possible? The Kohler C3 200 elongated toilet seat with bidet functionality, in-line heater and remote controls offers the latest in bathroom technology. This heated toilet seat is outfitted with two water nozzles that heat water, a warm air function for drying and a deodorizer. Users can also program two different settings. The night light function makes using the bathroom at night easy without disturbing others.

Learn more about steam showers by visiting Steam Showers Inc. Steam Showers Inc is a bathroom retailer specializing in steam showers, shower panels, whirlpool bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs, toilets and more.

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