Invidyo Motion Detector Camera


Invidyo Easy Monitor: Baby, Pet, Home and Office Monitoring System with Pan and Tilt, Wireless, Night Vision Camera

Easy Setup: Invidyo is designed from the ground up as a do-it-yourself monitoring solution. Set up only takes 3 minutes. Just install our mobile app to your iOS or Android mobile device and follow the instructions.

Mobile Apps: With Invidyo, your videos are always with you wherever you go. Using our mobile app you can watch your cameras live or view your previous recordings. With tablets you can watch up to 4 cameras simultaneously.

Cloud Recording: Invidyo records all your videos to our cloud. You dont need a DVR box to keep your memories safe. Select one of our subscription plans to store your content for a week or a month. Don't worry we use bank level encryption to secure your videos. Nobody, not even our team can watch them. Don't want cloud recording? You can continue to watch your camera live without any subscriptions or other costs, all you need is the Invidyo camera.

Motion or Connection Loss Alarms: Invidyo camera is smart. It automatically detects when there is motion in your camera and sends you an e-mail and a mobile notification. You can click on the notification to check what is going on right away. It also alerts you when the connection between the camera and the server is interrupted so that you know when there might be something wrong.

Pan&Tilt: Wish you could see the source of that noise coming from right out of the cameras field of view? No worries, you can remotely Pan&Tilt the Invidyo camera. Just swipe your finger while watching live video from our mobile app and the camera will follow your command and turn.

Share Your Videos: Have an anniversary or a birthday and you wish your loved ones were there? Make them feel next to you by sending them a secure link so that they can watch your camera live.


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