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With global criminal rate on a steady rise, one can only ask himself, am I really safe? Are my locks sufficient, or am I jeopardizing my belongings as well as well-being of my family? Aside my documents or valuables, just the thought of someone threatening my closest family is deeply disturbing. With all this in mind, I have made few suggestions concerning safety of your residence, for they say, it is better safe than sorry.

Window Grids

If you have huge, noticeable windows on your house, this could be potential point of entry for a robber. Consider putting bars made of solid steel, which will effectively prevent unwanted visitor to enter. Those can be stylized, so the overall image of your house won’t be spoiled. So the question is you want fancy door knobs or highly secured locks if you are skillful, or to hire a professional, for the long years of experience will ensure that bars are implemented properly. In addition, out of 10 robbers will bypass a house with grids on its windows. Add window grids on the second level, for a skillful thief can climb up, and don’t forget basement windows, because nowadays about 30 percent of robbers are teenagers, and they can slide through.

Entry Doors

Don’t get deluded, most of the thieves don’t even know how to pick locks, they simply knock out the lock. In a recent conversion with renowned Sydney-based locksmiths, I found out that the best advice is to reinforce your doors. Yes, don’t forget backdoors, or the ones on the garage. Many garages are connected with the house, and are representing possible weakness. There is variety of locks which goes from those which can’t be picked, to electronic ones, which are opened with a keycard. Solid, sturdy doors are first and most important thing that can keep you safe.

Electronic Devices

Speaking of electronics, putting in motion detection light in front of your house is great idea overall. In humans’ nature is to withdraw when they find themselves in center of attention. This is exactly what this device is doing. By illuminating the area beneath it, attention is turned there, and immediately noticeable. Huge advance is that light can be visible from the house as well as from afar, so neighbors can see it too.

Alarm is second line of defense, for it can be set to activate in case of breach. It doesn’t have to be loud; it can be set to notify police immediately, without any sound. All doors and windows can be connected to it, and there is alternative setting, for motion detection, or to activate upon touching door knob. It is good piece of advice to have the one kind that runs on batteries, for unwanted visitor can cut out your power source from the outside.

So, with everything said considered, try to think like a burglar. It is somewhat hard, but it can help you a lot. Think about what are the weak spots on your home, and act accordingly. What would you do when you pass the light, bars, and find a safe? Rob it, of course! Then, take a fake one, and put inside seemingly important things, while you keep the real safe far and secured.

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