Vintage fabrics for your Victorian living room


The Victorian era is ever popular when it comes to interior design, and the Downtown Abbey effect has ensured that Victorian opulence stays firmly in vogue. Victorian homes were built to be noticed and admired, so if you want to give your home the wow factor then creating a Victorian style in your home is the way to go. Focusing on the heart of your home, the living room, this article looks at vintage fabrics for your Victorian living room and how to create an authentic and stunning effect for family and friends to admire.

Vintage Fabric

Curtains always spring to mind when considering how to make the most of Victorian style curtain fabrics in your living room. Vintage fabrics such as thick, opulent velvets, fairford brocade or Aztec Mayfair are perfect for curtains as they can give a luxurious and warm feel to your living room and you can choose a pattern which fits with both the Victorian era and the colors of your furniture or wallpaper. Color schemes and fabric patterns should be striking and give an impression of grandeur and magnificence. Magenta and deep purples are perfect examples of trademark Victorian colors for your interior fabrics. When choosing your vintage fabrics, look for patterns which celebrate the fashions from the era and truly celebrate the beauty of the Victorian period.

Victorian Decor

Another way to embrace and enjoy Victorian grandeur in your own home is to check out second-hand furniture shops, reclamation yards or auction houses for some statement pieces of furniture that you can clean up and re-upholster in Victorian fabrics. Find chairs or side tables with decorative carvings, enjoy bringing them back to their original glory and add thick fabrics with bright colours and statement patterns. White and gold used together creates a stunning effect, particularly against darker wood elegant sofa set. With re-upholstery, you can enjoy the pleasure of creating the perfect Victorian effect through your own creativity and you can create pieces of furniture to be really proud of.

Cushion covers are another unmissable opportunity to add a further touch of the Victorian era into your newly transformed living room. Luxurious fabrics such as damask with striking patterns are perfect for cushion covers, and it’s these kinds of final touches that will help to make your Victorian living room really stand out from the crowd.

Giving your home a Victorian makeover is a true labour of love. Victorian interior design is all about making a statement and using bold fabrics, colours and patterns – so don’t hold back and enjoy bringing this unforgettable and justifiably celebrated era back to life. With some well-crafted re-upholstery and carefully chosen vintage fabrics for cushion covers and curtains, you will create a stunning interior that will be the envy of all your friends.

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