5 Top outstanding offices around the world


There are offices in the world you wouldn’t want to leave. So you understand what a real fantasy job is, we create a list of top outstanding offices in the world to work in. Hope you get inspired to create another one!

Toronto, Canada “Corus Quay”

. This office is a number one in our list as it literally has it all. 50 000 square feet office is hosting 10 000 workers who used to work in 11 separate buildings.

Right now, Corus Quay is called the smartest building in Canada with an open office environment, large TV studios, boardroom tables shaped as hockey rings and a 3 story slide that is available to be use instead of stairs. The office is painted in bright colors and decorated with green walls made entirely of plants. There are also several lounge rooms where employees can take time out and relax. Interestingly, this office increased productivity of the staff by 20 % since then moved there.

Los Angeles, USA “Pallota”.

The creation of this bright yellow office was up to several designers who had $50 per square foot. They had to think of something that would fit in the little area and won’t be expensive. The solution was to create the box-house inside the building, which surprisingly worked quite well. Designers decided to use shipping boxes with the doors, turning them into a large office space inside the building. Bright colors, clear windows and little accessories like little yellow car deserve the second place on the list according to the price and quality.

Zurich, Switzerland “Google”.

There is no point telling that Google does everything to combine pleasure and work. Their offices around the world are fun, entertaining and interesting. One of the most outstanding Google offices is the one in Zurich, Switzerland. The rule is that no one should be more than 150 meters away from food, so cafeterias are spread around the office where employees are fed three times a day completely at no cost. The office is quite large with a free hybrid car park spot a slide that goes from the second floor and a fireman pole.

Madrid, Spain, “Selgas Cano”.

This office stands out from the list by the unique approach of the designers. It is situated in the forest, 20 minutes away from Madrid. The building itself is a long clear tube made entirely out of glass. It is less about slides and fun and more about relaxing and creative environment. It is very light and spacious, with big empty rooms and green plants.

London, England “Red Bull”.

The office was built out of 7 non-linked buildings in Soho, London, which originally were pubs and bars. The office has a lot of free space and large meetings rooms. People who work here are in their 20s, they gather together in informal rooms, filled with big red chairs and even swings. At night, receptions turn into an open bar where coworkers discuss their future ideas in promoting the product.
This is a guest post by Paula Green, a contributor and editor of College writers

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