Fireplace by Paolo Grasselli MINI STRIP


Smaller version of the model Strip. Versatile and easy to place Ministreep maintains its formal, functional and striking in the larger model. The vertical movement of the fireplace allows you to "hang" at different heights without compromising its use and the aesthetic harmony. In this way, the flame can be positioned low or mid-wall according to the wishes or needs of the client.
So be ready to buy this beautiful Fireplace, without mantel in any room. It is a perfect gift during this winter holiday.

External dimensions: L33 x P31 x H 105 cm
Fuel tank capacity: 1L
Battery Fire: 2-4 h
Heating capacity: 3 kw / h
Fuel consumption: up to 0.45 l / h - min 0.28 l / h Weight: 18.6 kg Finish: painted steel, glass


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