Entryway Ideas - Few of our Projects


Welcoming entryway is something that everyone desires for, as entryway is what your guests will see right away.
Here three designs of our projects are put on display.
To start with, this hallway is designed in the simplest way. As the passage is a narrow one, no bold dramatic color has been given to the wall. White is used here to give this narrow passage an illusion of larger space.
The white background here is turned into something that's eye catching yet doesn't make the space look cluttered. The intruded wall is used here for the placement of the desk and interesting wall mounted crockery cabinet unit with wooden pattern and even a painting is added dimension to the space.

An entryway design of a home with a large space. In such spaces its easy to accessorize the space with a particular theme or concept. Here the overall design concept is in black and white but the elegant chair and artifact in golden shade grasps the attention here.

Another way to turn a tiny passage into an interesting one is by introducing foyer table and large foyer console mirror into the space. Add lamps and artifacts near the mirror to make the space look more attractive.
These are few of the ideas that can be implemented on any passage to convert it from dull to appealing one!

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