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With changing time, glass has become an integral part of interior designing, therefore, architects and interior designers are now increasingly using glass where they may previously have only thought of other materials!

From chic hotels, commercial buildings to high-end homes, glass was, and still used to demonstrate a feel of luxury. As there are varieties of glass available for the doors, incorporating these with other interior elements and lighting can bring in a dramatic look, either just by the effect of natural sunlight, or the completely concealed electronics behind them. Check out a few types of glasses mentioned here, for homeowners to choose from and get inspired.

Types Of Glasses Available For Doors

* Etched glass
* Painted glass
* China art glass
* Textured glass
* Insulated glass
* Stained glass
* Clear glass
* Toughened glass

These classy varieties of glasses gives one an opportunity to pamper their interiors, as well as provides one with an option to choose between the transparent and translucent glass, according to the requirements and personal needs.

Categories Of Glass

Glass doors are categorized as interior glass doors and exterior glass doors. Both have their own functions and designs. Plane, transparent and etched glass doors with slides, metal frames or frame less glass doors, with two shutters are basically for formal use and are mostly found in office decor. Whereas, painted glass doors, semi etched glass doors, fully etched glass doors with wooden frames, metal and steel frames are found in residential spaces.

Basically entry glass doors of offices, restaurants, shops or hotels are developed and beautified with little glass etching or extra clear glass effects.

Enhance The Interior

Welcome your guests, clients, family and friends with the heart warming, classy, mesmerizing looks of glass doors. It’s a perfect “welcome note” for your formal and informal guests. Do not waste a chance and time to remodel your old doors and spaces with new tempting , royal and amazing glass doors. Bring in the shine and grace of glass doors for your interiors and exteriors.
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