Mounting Types for Kitchen Range Hoods


Range hoods are classified by how they are mounted in the kitchen. Where and how the range hood is mounted depends upon the type of cooking surface in the kitchen, or the type of cooking surface that is going to be installed in the kitchen.
There are three general types, including wall mount range hoods, island range hoods and under cabinet range hoods. Additionally, and you may not be familiar with this one, there is the insert liner range hood.

Wall Mount Range Hood

– An easy way to think of a wall mount range hood is to remember that it’s the type of range hood that goes up against a wall.

These range hoods are installed above the cooking surface, or range, that sits on a wall in your kitchen. A wall mount range hood usually has a chimney extending from the top of it to conceal ductwork.

Ductwork is used in ducted range hoods. The air ventilated by the range hood exits the home through the ductwork. If you prefer, you can purchase a ductless range hood, or you can convert a ducted range hood to a ductless one. Ductless range hoods circulate filtered air back into the kitchen.

Island Range Hood

– Island range hoods are similar to wall mount range hoods, but they hang above a kitchen island. The chimney in an island range hood extends from the ceiling. Island range hoods may require more CFM, or more power, due to their location in the kitchen.

The chimney of an island range hood is also present to cover the ductwork. These chimneys are usually telescopic to fit different ceiling heights. Both wall mount range hoods and island range hoods will require a chimney extension if the ceiling in the kitchen is too high.

Cavaliere-Euro AP238-PS13-30 30” Under Cabinet Range Hood with Remote Control

Insert Liner Range Hood

– This range hood type, the least well-known, is not seen at eye level, and the control pad is located on the bottom of the unit. These are installed when a hidden unit is needed. This usually means the insert liner range hood is going inside of range hoods exterior constructed out of wood, metal and/or tile.

Imperial C2036BP 36” Range Hood Insert

Why install a range hood? A kitchen range hood ventilates air above the cooking surface. Without proper ventilation, indoor air pollution will accumulate. The range hood also removes odors, grease and smoke from the area. While shopping for your kitchen, there is a plethora of range hood styles and designs in each category to best fit your kitchen décor.

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