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Do you love books so much, sometimes feel like being inside of the pages of the book your are reading? Well, guess what? today is your lucky day. Today, I am here with a fresh themed decor idea. I'll be writing about how to design your space to look like a book, a set of books or something out of a book.
The idea of a book themed space first came to me when I saw a photo on pinterest, (the book staircase). I also realized that the theme has to be for book lovers or anyone who loves to read. Unlike the music themed decor, you may not be able to get the architectural design of the house to look like a book (no conclusive evidence of that), but you sure can get the inside of the house bookified!

Hmmm... where to begin? Well, if you want to decorate with books, everyone's first thought is turned to the library. However, from the photo above, we can see that there are much more creative ways to get to book theme into your home without going to the library or even owning one.
Not everyone has the luxury of owning a library covered on every available space, floor to ceiling with bookshelves filled with books as seen in the animation movie 'beauty and the beast' and many other films. On the other hand, almost everyone can create the look while aspiring to own one.
To get the look is pretty easy, use wallpapers. Two ways to go about this; either get an actual book wallpaper, or use newspapers in place of wallpaper. I'm not a fan of using actual book pages instead of wallpaper, for two reasons:

1) it makes the design look tacky
2) it is a waste of the books we claim to love.

You can use book wallpapers when designing your library or study to give the illusion of a covered up floor to ceiling library. Endeavor though to have some real books in the space even if it's just one shelf. The newspaper print on the other hand is better when creating a feature wall.

When creating themed decors, one thing must be foremost in our minds "making a statement" (in a good way). Another way to incorporate the book theme into your home if you aren't up for the wallpaper is to create a unique bookshelf as shown in the photo above. Or you can have a unique arrangement for a regular shelf design.
Other ways to create this themed decor in an exquisite way is to wrap up objects with newspaper, or newsprint wallpaper and keep them in strategic locations as statement pieces.
For example, you can wrap up you waste paper basket with newsprint (afterall, it's for paper). You can also create DIY vases using used bottles and beautiful colored papers. Fab up your kids room by creating paper toys for them. It is inexpensive. (Please do not wrap up lightings with paper. It might get heated and start a fire).

Let's get down to furniture, fabrics now also come in book prints. As shown in the photo above, it can be used as a bedspread. You can also use such fabrics to upholster a single sofa or an armchair, or to make a throw pillow or a curtain. So there you go, start turning your home into a book.

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