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With the availability of thousands of wallpaper patterns, it can be a tough task to pick the right one for your abode. Of course, all wallpaper look amazing in their own way and you must be thinking with such a vast availability how the "choosing" process be a daunting one?

Well the aim here is not just to fix up the latest or hottest selling wallpaper, in fact, it has got a lot more to do with how well it blends in with your space. Therefore, no matter if it's a renovation work or a new home designing process, certain things should be penned down for an effortless flow. Here a few of the points are listed, which can help you in obtaining what exactly you want or will give the designer a clear perspective of your wish list.

Location & Color Matters

Decide where you want to get the wallpaper installed and whether you want to use it as a highlighter or use it all around?
You can decide this according to the budget that you have set. If you want to use it just as the highlighter opt for bold colors which should obviously blend with the furniture placed around.

And if you plan to cover up the whole wall opt for soft pale shades with light patterns, that breaks the monochrome look and uplifts the decor without giving an overdone feel to the space.

Set A Theme

Choose wallpapers according to a theme. For example, if you are planning to set a teenagers room and he/she is interested in music, then you can try those musical themed wallpapers or opt for similar themed wall stickers for bedrooms.
Here the idea is not to use the wallpaper just anywhere, instead it has got lot more to do, like giving your space the personal touch or in other words giving the onlookers a "picture perfect" view which relates to your personality.

Size & Surrounding of the Room

Check the rooms in natural light before deciding the wallpapers. A dark toned wallpaper made an already dark small room, look cramped.

But the same bold shaded wallpaper in a passage will give the place a dramatic look! Team it up with some rich, textured frame and chandeliers to get an elegant classy look.

Try these ideas for a more personalized space. The more you know your space and what suits it well, the process gets easier. And this really helps you in bringing in the change time to time and making your space look brand new and lively all the time!

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