Get Ready with Fall and Winter Decor - Bring Outdoors In


How to bring the "outdoors" in?
Here we bring 5 easy tips on how to successfully merge outdoors with indoors!
Merging the outdoors with indoors is one of most popular interior design trends and it doesn't look to be going anywhere soon.

The key to this trend is to create an interior space that blends seamlessly with the garden and beyond.

Open the View

Ensure that any patio doors or large windows are kept clear of clutter so you can soak up the view outside.

Keep window and door coverings clean and simple.
Tip! Shutters or semi-transparent blinds are good options - they won't obstruct the view and will give you privacy and let you control the level of light entering the room.

Have heavy curtains obstructing the view of the outdoors.

Abundance of glass

Having as much glass as possible in the room that leads to the garden/ backyard is key to bringing the outside inside.

Have Sliding glass doors.

Spoil the look with an untidy garden. Ensure the space beyond the living area looks attractive.
Tip! Have lots of greenery and make sure your outside space is maintained to a high standard e.g. potted plants flower baskets and shrubs!

Choose the right furniture

Adding colors from your garden to the inside of your house can help to merge the indoor/outdoor spaces and this is something worth considering when choosing furniture.

Have similar colored furniture both indoors and outdoors. Painting your garden furniture to reflect the color scheme in the living space is an affordable way to link two spaces.

Pick high furniture which may block the view of the garden/outdoor space through glass doors/ windows.

Get the flooring right

Selecting the flooring that can run from the inside of your home to the outside patio area is ideal for achieving this trend.

Choose the flooring that can run outdoors to the patio/decking area and is at the same level in both spaces.

Have steps leading to the garden as this can emphasis the divide between the two spaces.

Have greenery inside the house

Having potted indoor plants will help to connect the indoors with the outdoors.

Have a small selection of big healthy potted plants to effectively achieve this look.

Go overboard and turn your living space into a greenhouse. Subtlety is key.

The Finished look

The result: Your interior space will feel bigger brighter and contemporary - and it will draw attention to your garden.
Gripping outdoors in trends, proudly created by our team, here at Shutter Co.

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