How to Remove Existing Old Wallpaper and Install a New Wallpaper?


Wallpapers have been a part of home décor since time immemorial and they still remain the most preferred way to bring texture, color and personality to the room. Although, removing wallpaper can be a pain – the only reason people often refrain from using wallpapers. But if you know the right technique to remove wallpapers it can be really easy.
Removing old wallpapers with the right equipment and approach, you can have a wall ready for a new finish very easily.
So, how do you remove the wallpaper easily, without damaging the wall or yourself?

There are several ways (options) that you can choose from, ranging from streaming to spraying chemicals. What option you choose will depend on what kind of paper you have installed and what kind of surface lies underneath. Let’s go through a few tips on how to remove wallpaper.

1. Peeling off dry-stripping wallpaper

If the wallpaper you have installed is dry strippable, you can simply strip at the corners with a knife and then peel it off gently without damaging the wall behind. This process will take time, you need to be patient. Do not try to rush through it, you may end up damaging the surface underneath.

2. Peeling off non-strippable wallpaper

In order to remove non-strippable paper, or any kind of paper backing that remains after dry stripping, you will need to use warm water or solvents made for wallpaper removal. Since the scrapped off paper with solution will drop down onto the floor, cover the floor properly with canvas drop cloth to prevent the floor from getting dirty.
You can use spray bottle or a damp cloth to get the solution on the wall. Wet only a small section of the paper and then strip it off using a taping knife.

3. Using steam to remove other kinds of wallpaper

Removing more than one layer of wallpaper, or paper that has been painted over can be really difficult. For this you will need a wallpaper steamer. It is available for rent or purchase, but using it can be tricky. So, you’d want to leave the task for professionals.
Stripping off wallpaper often leaves sticky residue behind, which can be a real headache to clean later. Thus, when you are scrapping off the paper you need to be sure that you peel off the paper very cautiously.
There are basically two reasons you will peel of the old wallpaper – either to paint the wall or to install a new wallpaper. Considering the latter, we will walk you through some tips on how you can install new wallpaper.

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4. Installing new wallpaper

Clear the room off all the furniture possible, remove pictures and wall hangings and have the wallpaper ready to be installed. Switch off all the power plugs in the room and begin by measuring the area and cutting paper to the size required.
Wallpaper tends to tear or stick unevenly if there are any craters or blemishes on the wall. Fill in all the tiny holes and smoothen the surface with sandpaper before installing the paper.
Fill the wallpaper tray with lukewarm water and dip paper in it with paste-side up. Slowly remove the paper after about 15 seconds, wait until completely dry.
Apply adhesive to the wallpaper and mark the wall. Now begin by installing the first piece of wallpaper. Make sure you stick it from edge to edge, leaving no space for air to pass through the paper and the wall. Use a board knife to smooth out the – make sure you work by pressing from the inside out to the edges to remove wrinkles and bubbles.

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