Build A Home Garage With Latest Car Garage Ideas


Gone are the days when garage was considered just as a place to park the car or any vehicles. As the time evolved, it has turned into a vital part of the living, home, and the people. Therefore, put your garage space to good use with some of the smartest garage decorating ideas and intelligent planning tips discussed here.

Transform your garage into a stylish, functional, and a multipurpose extension of your home and make your car feel getting back to home when parked in there.

The Dual Use Of Garage

House the car and store boxes of other odds and ends. Therefore, cultivate your garage design style in a multipurpose manner, that it can be functional for car parking and other purposes too, as well. Since, the car needs many tools and equipment’s for maintenance, daily washes and so on.

Construct a theme with well designed walls, amazing surroundings and superb floor designs and garage signs. And display a unique garage decor with well organized tool kits, tables, chairs and other useful materials, which blends well with the outdoors.

Space management Of Garage

In addition to cars, you probably keep boxes and other lawn equipment and vehicles in your garage for quick and easy access when required. Bulky lawn mowers and bicycles can take up a lot of space. Therefore add in hooks of various sizes to segregate the clutter around. With larger peg boards and hooks, you can hang bicycles, hoses and other large equipments and get them out of the way. You can even add in garage car lift, for the parking of multiple vehicles under one roof.

Also add steel shelves, garage cabinets and shoe racks. A well designed, and stylish home garage should accommodate well organized, expandable garage shelf kit and disciplined area for a real show stopper garage styling and comfortable parking of the car. Image courtesy

Set A Theme

For a real modern garage, you need to set a theme for the same. To add on style statement, opt for theme that matches your style and transform the space from a block of concrete to a fun place.

You may go for rusty and exotic sort of theme which comes with bright and funky wall paints, spray paints, few old wooden benches around and rough flooring.
For the real classy and royal touch, do blend in glass into the theme. Use more of glass around, for instance glass walls, glass tiles, ceiling with false designs and illuminations, floor with marble or exterior tiles.

Few More Themes And Final Touch

For the nature lover, give the garage a floral theme using fake or real plants that blends well with the landscape as well. Even homeowners may make it more lively by adding wall stickers and give the personalized garage a feel of richness.

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