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Designing a cafe means getting involved in a commercial project, which is stylish, hectic yet an interesting project. It's basically like arranging all the important elements of comfort, fun, relaxation, under one roof.
Hence, a cafe design needs to be designed with lots of imagination and color schemes which will be appreciable by all, as well as represents the brand's color palette.

The Color Play

Modern interior design for stylish cafe goes far beyond the stereotype of black and white color scheme. And therefore, strong contrasts are a major part of modern interior design to give it an impressive and stylish look.

A modern and stylish cafe should have a color palette that includes one or two dominant colors, with the touch of a contrasting color to add interest to the over-all decors and the space.

For instance, you may go for red and white combination along with a dash of black in-between. Or you may try out a sober yet interesting color palette like a combination of dark green, pale yellow with warm orange as a design highlighter, whichever represents the brand.

Furniture's And Connecting Elements

Create a perfect style statement with some impressive materials along with the furniture's. Glass tabletops, molded plastic chairs or steel furniture, crystal crockery sets, huge coffee mugs, can hike up the modern cafe interiors instantly.

Set A Theme

Some modern cafes are designed with a wooden theme, where wooden tables and chairs are used along with wooden flooring. Break the monotone look by adding crisp linens made of cotton or synthetics to blend in and establish a modern color palette that supports the rest of the interior settings as well.

Get More Real

A modern, stylish café interior relies on geometric shapes, including squares and rectangles, along with graceful curves at times. Hence, styling should be a good mix match of rectilinear and curvilinear shapes, if in case two patterns are being implemented.

You may get a round table placed along with square chairs, or may give graceful curves to the corner of rectangular or square tables and chairs for that wow and ultimate effect. A commercial design can only be a successful one, if it's designed with both practicality and stylishness.

The Final Touch

Abstract paintings and photography are ideal for styling of the cafe, with an addition of a few amazing decorative, focus lights on it. Moreover, the creative usage of lights from the ceiling, art on the walls, displays the modernized way of styling and designing. Keep the lights dim, but focused and blend the furniture placement well with the light effects.
Let the cafe design, becomes a favorite spot for the youngsters, the relaxing, peaceful space for older couples and a fun space for growing kids and teenagers at the same time.

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