How To Design A Kids Friendly Kitchen

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The door to the kitchen can no longer be closed to keep children away, as most homes have open kitchen design. Hence kitchens need to be not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but must be kids or family friendly too. If you worry about their safety in the kitchen, implementing a "kids friendly" design concept is undoubtedly a great idea.

Usually when folks plan or think of a makeover, they spend a lot of time in trying to decide only on the kitchen layout, color concepts, the cabinets, appliances and the counter tops. And in most cases, only little thought is given at this particular idea of creating a kitchen which is kids friendly too! But do give it a thought, as this will allow you to work and engage with your kids at the same time.

Here are a few facts and tips, you need to consider, while creating a safe nest for your kids right in the kitchen, no matter whether you own a large or small space.

Tips To Implement While Constructing Brand New Kitchen

The countertops - Use kids friendly counter top materials like laminates, corian, silestone, granite. These materials are recommended, because its nearly impossible to scratch or stain, and easy to clean too! And moreover, laminates are one of the most inexpensive ones.

Surface Finish - Opt for matte surface. Of course the ultra-glossy finished surface, looks very sleek and trendy, but those small hand prints which can be easily visible, are enough to ruin the look.

Units And Handles - When choosing, select one with curved edges, as sharp edges on furniture, counters are one of the causes of injuries to children in the kitchen. Even be careful while choosing handles too. You may even opt for those handless designs.

Electrical Points - All electrical sockets should be at a safe height or kept covered, so the children can’t stick objects into them. Also install light switches with sensors, as a sensor could detect movement and turn the light on automatically.

And for smaller kitchens – Instead of getting electrical points on both the side of the wall, stick to one. Hence, plan your kitchen electrical appliance placement and future requirements, and make sure there are enough sockets being installed for your need, and they are exactly where you need.

Store It The Right Way

No matter whether the kitchen is small or large in size, planning your storage is crucial when it comes to childproofing your kitchen. Use the upper kitchen cabinets or opt for wall mounted spice rack to store, instead of the lower pull out cabinet, as that will be beyond kids reach. And also install child safety locks, for those lower cabinets.

If space is a constraint, dedicate just one cabinet for the kids. Use the corner cabinet, which is away from the electrical appliances. Do not forget to add plastic spatulas, spoons, unbreakable cups, bowls and napkins. Set up an easy to reach zone, where kids can find their own way to snacks, while you can still reach out to them. Even its a good concept to implement for those kids, who have that little chef quality in them. A few safe procedure along with parents supervision, will not make them feel excluded from those activities, that excites them.

Safe Appliance Layout

If by any chance, you have already got those low height cabinets installed, never place electrical appliances like mixer and sharp objects on them. Instead, use those low height cabinets as sitting area for the kids, to avoid younger ones from climbing on high stools.

Also make sure that all electrical appliances like hob, oven or even an induction model, they should be around your working triangle and away from the kids zone. And incorporate kids friendly appliances, as the older child can help herself/himself.

Accessorize Safely

Decorating the table with attractive table runners and mats with artifacts above them is a tempting process, but avoid them at least till the kids are old enough. Use the non slippery rugs. And you can even add a colorful, high baby chair, along with kitchen high rise stools which is both practical and works as a prop for the kids friendly theme. A perfect addition to complete the look!

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