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African decor is inspired by nature, wildlife, animal printed fabrics and wooden carvings. Hence, those who are more into ethnic decor, safari or anyone, who appreciate the African decor through cultural perspective can try this concept for their own spaces! As there are plenty of ways to incorporate some classic African pieces into your own space, either just by adding a dash of African touch or styling the home from top to bottom, check out how you can get "The Ethnic African" look with a touch of style and culture, blended together with wild ideas in a fun and unique way.

Say Yes To Animal Prints

The animals of Africa will always be the focus of the theme. The animal prints of giraffes, zebra, tiger, leopard are the ones that are implemented in the "Safari Themed Decor" design. Here a simple room has been given a quick transformation, by the addition of a beautiful animal carpet. This works as the focal point here. And the wooden round center table along with the artifacts completes the look.

Go For Earthy Color Palette

Color is very important in creating the African feel, hence, decorate with earthy shades like browns, creams, taupes, or golds on the walls to match the colors of the African savanna and also carry the added benefit of bringing in the warm and cozy feel. Add accent colors like rusty reds, burnt oranges, blues and olive greens to maintain a balance and keep the space looking natural and inviting.

Display Tribal African Art / African Paintings

Time to scatter those unique tribal art and artifacts in a room to set the perfect African theme. Add a small drum at the end of the couch or even create a unique end table from a larger one to get the tribal feel right in the living area. Also ornate the walls with African woven baskets, African paintings to complete the look.

Those who love African art works and earthy colors can easily implement this idea in their favorite corner. Moreover, the earthy tone blends well with different printed patterns and colors. Basically, this concept showcases the richness and diversity of African arts hence, it's suggested to be put on display where it gets maximum access by the onlookers.

Pick Natural Materials

Opt for natural materials like wood, clay, leather, rattan to get the traditional African lifestyles, which add a sense of rustic appeal. Wood plays a vital role in African decor, as woodcarving is an integral part of many tribal cultures and artistic traditions. Use a variety of materials in different spaces of the rooms to evoke the vastness and diversity of the African plains or jungle.

Here the rough rustic wooden table, the carpet, the zebra printed fabric on a chair and figurine gives the space a complete African touch! Consider tiling the floor with terracotta tiles, sandstone tiles or sandstone laminates and consider texture painting a wall or get wall tiles installed to give the space an awesome background to look up to!

Note: Addition of animal sculptures, African masks, is an elegant way to pay tribute to both the Africa’s wildlife and its amazing artisans. For instance, If you are using animal prints in your furniture, stick to one pattern and don’t overdo it. As overdoing with animal prints, disturbs the overall theme.

Stick To The Theme - Keep It Simple And Stylish

When it comes to designing a home with an Ethnic African Theme, the most important part is to maintain the balance. Since, overdoing the concept can not only make the space look cluttered, but also can end up resembling a zoo! Therefore, do not go overboard with accessories. Balance patterns and solids to create a perfect African theme.

Here the bedroom displays the right balance. The addition of soft furnishing in animal prints and simple animal wall frames resembles the concept and hence, sets an easy and inexpensive way to bring this concept alive in the bedroom.

Follow these simple steps along with the inclusion of the African artifacts, to style your home in the Ethnic African Way!

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