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Trend keeps on changing day by day, but no matter how many concepts comes in the designing world "The Ethnic Design Concept" won't never lose its existence. From a warm cozy feel to blingy, bright, festive mood this particular concept can cover it all that too in style.

The Decor Ideas

When it comes to designing of a space in an Indian way, there are several ways to achieve the same. The concept can be freshly implemented onto a new space or even enhance the look of those homes that already consist of a traditional layout with handcrafted wooden furniture, with just a few additions. Here a few decor ideas are listed below which homeowners can definitely try out anytime! And guess what its budget friendly too!

The Use Of Warm Colors In Indian Home Decor

Indian homes are incomplete without the addition of warm colors. Warm colors are basically the shades which include reds, yellows and oranges, and are often used in Indian homes in various ways.

Also, as Indian inspired theme is never complete without the use of warm, bright colors and detailed designs, one must keep in mind that there is a fine line between creating a colorful cozy nest and an overly stuffed space!

Ethnic Indian Concept For Living Room

* Get your old wooden furniture, wood finished to add a bit of gloss to it.
* Add traditional designed carpets of reds, maroons with a dash of yellow, earthy tones to the interior.
* Throw cushions with colorful embroidery and mirror works to bring in some glitters to the interiors.
* Blend curtains in both lighter and warmer shades. You may even create colorful curtain tie backs/ pull backs all by yourself and drape the curtains accordingly.

The Indian Dining Room

What can be easier than decorating the table top! When it comes to ethnic decor concept in this particular space, more attention is given in the table and the seating. The backrests of the chairs can be given a twist by adding in colorful fabrics. Even the table top can be given a vibrant look by the use of bright, warm colored table runners and mats.

Also add accessories lithe traditional bells, statues, blinds made from natural materials to the interior for an amazing feeling of warmness.

The Indian Ethnic Bed Room Decor

Bring in the charm and mysticism of India into your bedroom design as well. Use silk fabric for curtains to get the colorful Indian style you desire. You can also buy silk by material and get them stitched, or buy ready-made curtains or use old silk sarees too. Adding a zari element to the curtain will improve its look. Also the addition of wooden furniture, venetian blinds, the colorful cushion throws in a pale background will help in creating a cozy warm aura!

The Accessories - Ethnic Cushions

Add an ethnic layer to your home décor with traditional Indian patterns, embroided on pillows and cushions in rich red and orange shades.

What makes the Indian pillows and Indian cushions, unique is that they are produced one by one, by hand, in limited quantities, using traditional embroidery and textile methods that have been passed down from generation to generation. It's a perfect addition to those homes who appreciates the dedication and hard work that goes into each creation.

Also to give the space more of an Indian touch, add in the traditional Indian floor lamps, teracotta vases and pendulum lights in bronze and gold for a picture perfect look.

Indian Ethnic Paintings

Indian painting has a very long tradition and history in Indian art. Therefore, Indian home decor is incomplete without them. It's been one of the most intricate, exotic art forms around. Indian paintings reflect the opulent culture and heritage of the country, be it Madhubani, Mughal, Warli or folk painting. Select the most visible walls and showcase your favorite ones! Image Courtesy of the east coast desi.

Do try the ethnic home decor concept for sure. It helps us to play with colors and mix different styles together. Design your nest and get ready for the festive seasons coming up!

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