20 Most Creative Breakfast Nook Ideas

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Colorful Custom Built Breakfast Nook

A wonderful, light and airy breakfast lounge, within your own home, in your own kitchen. This beautiful breakfast nook set is apt to connect you with your own family members, while enjoying those sumptuous meals.

Round Table Breakfast Nook

Adding a breakfast nook furniture, can't be a tough task with the availability of such simple yet space saver units!
This wooden round table, perfectly blends with the kitchen cabinets and make the decor feel connected!

Gossip Nook

Time to refresh the corners! What can be more fun, than adding up corner breakfast nook, for some gossip!
This particular design can be implemented in any corner, or will even blend perfectly in a small sized home. Try it out, and visualize the difference.

Island Breakfast Nook

Island breakfast nooks, has already become the part of kitchen decor. The advantage of this unit is that, it keeps the user well connected with the rest of the family members, and even the guests.

Cozy Round Dining Nook

This dining nook, brings in a cozy feel. A perfect set up, that your family would love to gather around!

Go White

Dazzling white open kitchen with cozy inviting breakfast nook. If white is the color you love, then you would definitely find this design concept a soothing, as well as trendy one!

Connect With The Nature

Small space next to big glass window, perfect for morning coffee duo!
The breakfast nook table and chair, blends well with wall. And moreover connects well with the exteriors.

The Island

Island is the most popular way to create the breakfast table in the early morning rush hours!

Go Vibrant

Duo nook in this bright kitchen! A vibrant space, anyone would love to spend time in!

Get Glamorous

Glamorous bright kitchen breakfast nook to die for! An elegant luxurious home decor is incomplete without a glamorous kitchen. An elegant breakfast nook, adds in the classy feel to the decor.

Neon Theme

Make your morning energetic and lively, by the addition of neon shades in the decor. Use this color concept in any breakfast corner, for a vibrant and full of life feel!

The Black And White Combo

Black and white kitchen island with bar stools, an evergreen combination for any room.

Red And Black Combo

Evergreen, red and black combination Kitchen. A color combo that can suit any large kitchen. Try this combo out, for a spicy effect.
So these are few of the breakfast nook ideas and open kitchen design ideas. Get inspired and try it out!

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Duo Breakfast Nook

Here David Dempsey has designed the open kitchen with custom made cabinets to fit in well in the space, as well as used the color palette in such a manner to bring in the dash of rustic interior concept within the design.

Inspired by Mexican architecture, the new walls were reframed in the original footprint and covered in American Clay texture to simulate stucco. New art niches with spot lighting and small peek-a-boo windows allow sight through the structure.

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