How to Make a Rainwater Downpipe with Filter Using Plastic Bottles


Creating a rainwater downpipe using plastic bottles is simple, cheap and easy. If you have DIY project in mind for the weekend, try your hand on this one. Have you got some broken rainwater downpipes from the roof?

Don’t worry, just bring some plastic bottles and we will help you design your own rainwater downpipe with filter. Things you will need 5-8 Plastic bottles (longer ones) One plastic bottle lid Plastic cutter or knife Duct tape

Step 1.

Using a plastic cutter, cut bottoms from five bottles and line them from end to end. However, the sixth or the last bottle should be cut in half.

Step 2.

Now make several holes on the lid of upper half of sixth bottle. Screw the lid section appropriately and fix this half to the other portion leading the plastic bottle pipeline.

Step 3.

Now push all the plastic bottles together so that they replicate a long tube like structure. Try securing the connections by inserting the face of the second bottle in first’s bottom and so on till the sixth one with lid.

Step 4.

Once these plastic bottles are lined up in a good shape, use duct tape in all joints to ensure that the bottles don’t fall or show signs of leakage with excessive water flow.

Step 5.

Keep the lid bottle on the top and attach the self-made plastic pipeline to the roof gutter.

Source: Handyman At Your Service

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