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Time to beautify the walls and this time with wainscoting! It's basically the wooden panel that's installed on the lower part of the wall and is considered as one of the classic ways to integrate texture to any room. Wainscoting has been a part of designing from ages, though the material used and the styles have changed by time or brought back into action in a fresh way. This isn't just about bringing in style to the home in the form of a wall decor, but also protects the lower half wall from any kind of damage. In fact, it gives the home a fresh clean look.

Plank Wall - The Wall Panels

In the early period, planks used to be fine - tuned either vertically or horizontally against the wall. Now this has been brought back in action in various ways. One is conspicuously the old method of utilizing the wooden planks. This definitely brings in warmth and coziness to the space resembling to cottage homes

These days the old design concept has been brought back in a very innovative way. The planks are used to cover the whole wall and different materials and color codes are induced to match the interiors. Even the same concept is used for creating partitions. These concepts grasps the attention of onlookers instantly.


The paneling is one of the commonly seen wainscoting design. It consist of a floating wooden panel with beveled edges, held in between vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Beveling the edges of the panel gives a 3D effect.

The installation is much easier as modular panels are easily available and materials like composite wood or resins are used, which can be easily cut by machine. They are installed in sections like tiles with interchangeable trim.

Batten Paneling

This consists of wide planks that's laid vertically and covers almost one third of the wall height. The joints of each plank are covered with narrow strips here called the "batten".

The borders are either kept simple or painted in different color to get a more defined look. Even the space between the batten can be filled with material like leather or any unique wall coverings . This design will enhance the look of the space instantly.

Bead Board

They are simple yet adds the right amount of chic to the decor. These kinds of panels looks great if combined with bold paints or wallpapers/wall stickers just above the panel. Try any of these four styles of wainscoting design that matches your home and taste to give your walls an uplift!

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