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The 3D floor plan layout is the first and the foremost step taken, before the construction begin whether it’s a residential or commercial project. A proper plan layout of the floor provides a clear idea about the used and unused space, furniture placement, doors and window placement, decor accessories and so on. Whereas a 3D view enables to visualize how the upcoming project is going to turn out to be.

As architectural design software keeps on getting updated and 3D Rendering is most popular and advantageous technology, used widely in the architectural industry for interior designing, planning and construction, one can easily understand the designs and go ahead with a clear picture in mind.

What Do You Get From 3D Floor Plan Layouts?

3D floor plan layouts enable to visualize the pros and cons of planning and it saves time as well. It is not only applied for home designs, but also used for commercial designing. In short, it is one solution to all the design sectors planning and visualization. 3D models helps the clients to understand the design concept prepared by the designers easily, hence saves a lot of time. Therefore, it is profitable for every architectural business designer architect organization.

Benefits Of 3D Floor Plan Layouts

3D Floor Designs serve many of the benefits to the designer/ architect as well as to the client:

• Presentable Floor Plans: It provides a neat and understandable floor plan to the clients, which saves time and provides clients with clear visualization, which leads to fast work.

• Fast And Easy To Match Interior Elements: With this software, it's easy to mix and match color palettes and try out by preparing a few themes. This enables the designer to provide the client with several options, that too by making only a few changes.

• Cost Estimation: As visualization of the whole set of furniture placement with design and decor elements, upholstery, rugs and carpets can be achieved easily, hence, it is easier for the client and the designer to prepare a cost estimation which is required to be incurred for the project.

• Furniture placement: It gives a feel of real floor layout, which is not possible in 2D drafting. 3D effects showcases a real effect, as if seeing the real furniture being placed to the respective room or space.

• Allows You To Designs As Per Choice: As mentioned, earlier it gives the freedom to check out different color themes, with a click. It also gives the opportunity to experiment with different types of designs, before finalizing the project.

• Get A 360 Degree View: The client can have a look of the overall project by viewing it from all angles. This tool manages to check out all the walls, doors, windows, furniture, exterior and interior of the house by just the “rotate” option.

“3D floor plans” as its name reflects the 3 dimensional views of floor layout is actually a really comfortable and easy way to work, to impress clients, to save time and to maintain an understanding relationship with the client.

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