Art & Painting Tips For Decorating Your Dream Home


There is no limit to the creative ideas and their interpretation in art and painting. If you feel passionately about something, look for ideas and themes to express it in your home decor plan.
Home is the most personal space for all of us. We feel most comfortable and relaxed between the walls. When decorating our dream homes, the placement of art and the paint we choose makes a lot of difference. The smallest details add up to either make your home look spectacular or ordinary. The final presentation can be exciting, elegant, energetic and unique if you are prepared to do what it takes. Let’s look at some spectacular ideas:

1. Make a Point of Focus

Similar to a one act play, there are rules in designing too. Make an artifact, a corner or a wall, the star and play around it. All other details take a secondary role. Try not to give importance to each and everything. Set priorities and design accordingly. For example, if designing the kitchen, the focus can be the windows or the worktop. The mantel can also be the main player in the living room.

2. Give Breathing Space To The Furniture

Control your urge to overcrowd a room. Keep maneuvering and ease of movement in mind.
Try not to buy lots of cheap pieces just because they were on a sale. Invest in a piece that will last for a lifetime instead.
Every piece in the room does not need to fight for attention. That will just result in visual noise.

3. Leave The Paint For The Last

Most people pick paint before they buy anything else. Change this conventional approach and leave paint selection for the last. There are paints in all kinds of tones, tints and shades.
Design according to the light sources in your home and don’t try to directly copy ideas from others. The important thing to remember is that the paint should go with the artwork, rug and upholstery and not the other way round. You can also take the help of a professional painter as well.

4. Be Your Creative Best

We now give you designing ideas that will make your space look different and classy at the same time –
• Who said you need to use a bath mat in the washroom? Use your old rug for a change; don’t worry, it won’t go bad with bad feet.
• If you have sliding walk in closet, covered with wallpaper, go for a bright pattern or tone to make them the highlight of the room.
• Dark walls make a room look bigger; try a steel gray in your library and see it come alive.

• If you have teak armoire with your grandmas china in it, leave it open for all to see. Let there be no secrets.
• Remember that small furniture makes a room look even smaller. If you have a studio apartment, look for a high bed with a big headboard.
• Instead of a single pair of pillows, buy two different pairs. Contrasting textures and patterns will brighten up any corner.
• When hanging artwork, remember to place them at eye level. An ideal height that is used in the galleries is around 60inches from the floor.

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