Ebco - Kitchen and Drawer Management System


Ebco has always had its focus on the home and health. It is only natural that our products from the kitchen range occupy the foreground amongst our eleven product segments.
What does a modern Indian housewife demand? A kitchen where cooking is a delight and the aesthetic appeal stands testimony to her superior taste in choosing kitchen accessories.
Searching for kitchen renovation ideas? Ebco brings the world leaders in the kitchen products to your doorsteps. When you buy the range of kitchen products from Ebco, you are getting the best of both worlds; the concealed hinges, overhead lift systems of Solice combined with the user friendly furniture solutions of Swiss giant Peko to make your kitchen a connoisseur's delight.

Solice is the leader in the field of concealed hinges, overhead lift System and furniture accessories of high quality.

Peka based in Switzerland since, 1964 is an independent manufacturing unit specialized in kitchen products and furniture accessories. Their products pass through regular checks by the Regional Trade Office, which ensures reliable products of world-class quality, by issuing Quality Certificates.

* Drawer Systems & Accessories

* Corner Solutions

* Storage Systems

* Overhead System

* Midway Systems

* Kitchen Sinks & Accessories

* Waste Bins and more

* Aluminuium Profiles & Handles

* Solice Hinges

Pro-Motion Drawer System - 'N Series'

Pro-Motion Drawer System - 'N Series' (Silver Grey)

Pro-Motion Drawer System - 'N Series' (White)

Pro-Motion Drawer System - 'N Series' - Slo-Motion Closing Sytem

Pro-Motion Drawer System - Slo-Motion Closing System

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