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Time to show your creativity! If hiring an interior designer for a whole makeover is not what you have in your mind, but still would love to bring in some changes then these living room design ideas will definitely come in handy.

Bamboo/Rattan Table Mats

The old mats, that you used in your dining can work as a focal point. Isn't it something which is quite easy? All you got to do is get your color set and paint brush out! Draw circles in various radius and let it dry. Once it is done, fix it up on the plane wall behind the couch. And see the difference, that it leaves behind!

Storage Ladder

Paint the old ladder with your favorite color and use it as a corner stand. To make the corner even more interesting, hang a wall art with color shade same as, of the leaning storage ladder, or something contrasting. The choice is all yours! The point here is to, turn the dullest piece of ladder into an attractive accessory for your living!

Furniture Restoration

Give a makeover to the old wooden center table. Wooden furniture looses its shine by passing time, so turn it into something interesting by cutting off the the scratched table top and replacing it with a glass top. Paint the rest part of it, with color that goes well with the rest of the interiors.
These are few of the ideas which is quiet easy to work on and even bring in an instant change to the space. Do try it out!

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