Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Design & Decor Techniques


Do-it-yourself (DIY) designing and decorating allows you to customize your home, apartment, condo, or room with refreshing ideas that transforms your space on a budget. Recreate your rooms with simple and amazing diy home decor ideas and designing techniques by yourself. One can start with simple recreations like painting a wall, texture a wall patch, hanging old bottles with the installation of bulbs in it, remodel your old furniture or create one by yourself.

Retouch The Walls

The paint can transform any of your old room into a new one. It's an easy way to give a space a quick yet impact full makeover. Additionally, you can install wallpaper yourself on any room walls. Add artwork, paintings, family picture frames or pattern mirrors on the walls, to get a new and refreshing look.

Time To Transform

Transform your old furniture into new, functional pieces with some easy and simple step-by-step furniture restoration. Stitch up new slip covers, cushion covers for your old and dull sofa upholstery. Add charm and glamour by dressing up windows by just installing new, refreshing window fabric curtains to it. Try out a stencil, faux finish, or painter's tape design to create a furniture piece that reflects your personal style.
Do it yourself projects such as drawer pulls, storage built-ins, and even headboard projects will get you started with the super cute remodeling of your home, without extra and heavy expenses.

Add In New Twist - DIY Home Decor

Reinstall your old T.V cabinets to create smart storage cabinets. Remove the workings out of a vintage console TV, paint and glaze the frame to create a brand-new storage console for your bedroom, living area or family room. As stitching of new upholstery may sound to be a difficult task, but nailing it on your old upholstery with new fabrics is an easy way out to get the fresh look and add a personal touch to your furniture.

Get Creative

Shelf makeover, stenciled slipcovers, drilled designs (on furniture – chair, stool), stain striation ( bookcase stained in mustard, terra-cotta, and cinnamon hues.)
Crate-and-Pipe Shelf (assemble old furniture and new wooden crate that fit in your space) are the few quick and refreshing DIY home project methods to bounce back to beautiful home decor ideas.

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DIY Birch Log Table

How easy it is to create a usable table with some $40 - $80 wood logs? It seems really easy as I would imagine assemble the logs of different width sizes and stick them together with some wonder glue starting from the center and moving outward, by adding more logs of the same length/height. Ensure that the log's ends are smooth that can be accomplished by using saw and sand paper. This do it your self project can be completed in just few hours.You have a personal side table ready. Keep it in a bedroom or study, for future inspiration.
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