Furniture Restoration - Furniture Repair And Makeover Ideas


Time to give furnitures around you a twist. Well, when it comes to designing, changing of furniture every now and then with the changing seasons and the trend is practically not possible. Hence, here are a few sure shot ideas of Furniture Restoration that homeowners can try all by themselves, and give the furniture a completely different look!
Check it out how?

Those wicker furniture's that are mostly available in natural earthy tones of brown can be given a makeover by getting it painted in white. White instantly brings in the brand new look of the furniture and the addition of colorful fabrics to it, liven up the space. A must try on old wicker furniture which has lost its shine by the passing years.

The old shoe storage unit near the entrance door looks dull without much of anything interesting to look at. This can be easily converted into a storage unit below with an aquarium on top. The process is quiet easy. All you need is to change the color tone of the unit.
Add in new handles to get the new look. And get an aquarium build in a customized manner, which fits the top of the unit and both the frames below and above the aquarium should not bulge out and should even match the same color tone. This gives the furniture a finished look and which ultimately makes this unit perfect for the living area.

Floor height units against the wall was one of the common old furniture. So its time to give it a twist. Try placing such units in a perpendicular manner and go for different shapes instead of the regular rectangular and square form. These units work great as partition too. Include metal rods during the transformation process to get a sleek contemporary look.
So get it out of the store as these units if transformed in a smart way is very much in trend!

The drawers will come in use in a creative manner, something you wouldn't have thought about. Once the outer unit gets damaged beyond restoration possibilities then too the drawers alone can be used. These drawers ones painted in bright colors are ready to be fixed on walls. A very creative idea for the small balconies and even for the kitchen. You can get it fixed along the projected walls near the window and use it as your mini kitchen garden.
These are few of the ideas, by which you can give your furniture a makeover. Get inspired right away and try these out with the furniture's that are locked in the store or those that badly needs a makeover.

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