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My pleasure and a very warm traditional welcome to everyone to join the path of the amazing journey of celebrations and feast of unending adorable designs and decors under one roof.
Yes, I am talking about the most amazing, traditional, colorful, authentic Indian Fat Wedding arrangements, designs and decors. A show which never fails to entertain! It's filled with all that one can ask for! Music, dance, drama, family ties, Indian decoration, traditional designing and work of amazing art being displayed in every corner of wedding venue and home.

The Vibrance

An Indian fat wedding always serves you with the delicious, eye catching and most astonishing design and decor work around. Even the simple places in the wedding area are being turned into path of flowers, illumination, mesmerizing designs, in short, a path to the sweetest journey with a warm gesture of welcome to the would be married couple and guests. That is, basically the big Indian wedding is considered to be a beautiful function, full of colors, dance, music, designs and traditional decors, tied up with chosen wedding theme.

The Wedding Themes

"Famous wedding themes for the 'Big Indian Fat Weddings’:

• Color-based Themes – Based on Peacock colors, traditional auspicious Indian colors (red, yellow, green) etc.
• Flower-based Themes – Every inch and feet of the wedding venue are decorated with most expensive and highly decorative flowers – Roses, Lilly, Orchid, Peony, Tulips, etc.
• Bollywood Themes - destination wedding venues such as Udaipur, Jaipur etc. Where a palace wedding can be held + intense firework display + ball-room style wedding tent + celebrity appearances and loud filmy decorations.
• Punjabi Themes - Punjabi weddings are colorful and lively! They are a fusion of majestic elements with lots of hanging flower work and shimmer.
• Moroccan Wedding Theme - Such theme weddings are usually in erected structures such as tents and canopies and have elaborate carpeting and detailing. Visuals of camels and desserts. Curtains work with tassels of gold coin.
• Mughal Wedding Theme - The colors used in this theme are often gold and green, orange, purple and pink. Crystal pillars and vases are placed to celebrate the decorations. Curtain work with tassels. Low and colorful seating with bolsters and cushions. Murals of Kings and Queens as backdrops.

The Light Effect

Expressions of happiness can be captured in overall decorations and designs of the wedding venue and tents. Wonderful hanging illumination works carry the sparkle of smiles and shine without failing to convey the message of most impressive attractive designing.
Few decorative candles, traditional lamps, traditional wall and tent hangings, play the perfect supporting role in this huge and giant work of decoration to be accomplished with high and un-forget full wedding celebrations.

The Focal Point

Not to forget the most especially designed and decorated area of the wedding “the stage for the couple”, “the mandap” (covered structure with pillars, flowers, cushions, high decorative for the wedding ceremony) and “the reception hall”. Lavishly covered with flowers, flooded with lights, comforted with amazing seating arrangements, cushions, traditional fabric covers, floor being treated with authentic traditional carpet to comfort and welcome your feet. It's a complete package of eye feasting decorations, designs and entertainment. To end up with is the lavishly decorated wedding car with different flowers, ribbons, fabrics, to take the bride home with few blushes of happiness and tears of smiles!

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