Ancient Egyptian Architecture

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Time to take you back to the Ancient Egyptian architecture, a journey of unmatched high levels in architectural designs and constructional engineering. Even now, it is still hard to conceive how they have all their buildings and structures erected with such high level of perfection and precision, using only primitive and naive tools, far incomparable with modern machinery and equipment!

Architectural Principles

The principle architecture of ancient Egypt was developed mainly on post (columns) and lintel construction. This system of construction (columns and lintel) was known as trabeated construction which was later followed by nearly all the countries and religion to get that solid foundation and strength for the building.

Earlier Egyptian Homes Were:

• Built with brick and dried mud. Bricks were not very strong therefore the walls were built in a slanting form.
• Walls were thicker from the base and narrowed as the height increased.
• Wide rooms had numerous columns in it.
• Long rows of columns and beams were richly decorated with carvings.

Religious Rituals And Structures

With ancient Egyptians, construction was inseparably associated with religious rituals. Temples and tombs figured high within the main religious rituals. Certain ancient Egyptian words were used to describe architectural drawings, foundations and construction works. Certain parts of the tombs were shaped like houses and temples.

Most Of The Residential Egyptian Construction Was:

• Typical middle class Egyptian homes were one or two storied. • Wealthiest Egyptian had homes with dozen of rooms. • Furniture in general was richly decorated with gold and silver leaf. • Most common pieces of furniture were: Chair, stools (3 or 4 legs was very often carved to animal legs), chest, bed, couches, tables, cylindrical clay oven, clay utensils and so on.

Egyptian Pyramid

When we are talking about the great Egyptian architecture, then how could we miss path breaking and most inspirational construction of this civilization! Yes, I am talking about the “Egyptian Pyramid”.
The pyramid may be compared to the first hill where the sun was first born and the corridors of the Valley of Kings, to those existing in the Nether world. The pyramids have the deepest impression on the whole world's imagination. The Ancient Egyptian architect has created magnificent symmetrical and highly impressive masterpieces.

They Had Skilled And Artistic Hands:

• Semi-precious stones were used most adroitly in making amulets or inlaid into wood or gold.
• Rough stones were used in building interior walls and foundations.
• Fine stones were cut out with special care, were used in decorating main walls
• Marble and porphyries were used in making statues.

Interesting Egyptian Architecture

More we talk about it, the more interesting it gets, to know about the magnificent Egyptian architecture. Even in today’s era, these architectural inventions have their own beauty and worth to know about. They started with a very primitive stage in a poor condition and ended up to be the world class architectural impressions.

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