Baby Room Decorations - Here are some creative ideas


Being a parent is the most privileged thing anyone can have in his or her life. We put a lot of effort to make our little ones comfortable in this big world. Starting from their clothes to rooms and nurseries, turning a tiny room into an exemplary nursery isn’t difficult anymore. Here are some great ideas for creative baby rooms.

The best color schemes:
Your baby is about to arrive, and you don’t know the gender. This is the most indecisive moment. You must be thinking whether to go pretty and pink or getting a safari room. In this case, you should go for neutral color combination, which is mint green with light blue, yellow with a dash of orange, purple with white, and so on. Such color fusions would solve your confusion.
Some parents go for the traditional color schemes; the pastel colors. Yes, the pastel colors are still in, and a very good choice but try making it look unique. For example, for a girl’s room, you can always try a shade of rose and for boy’s room, get the combination of red, grey and white, rather than having only the shades of blue.

Make your child a mathematician:
Baby room can prove to be the best learning place only if you provide your baby with amazing material to explore and learn from. From 0-6 years, a baby’s brain performs like a sponge. It absorbs everything from the surroundings and learns from it. To make your baby’s brain sharp decorate the room with geometrical shapes, numbers, and 3D shapes. To make this idea economical, make some shapes out of chart paper and laminate it. You can either hang it anywhere or get it paste somewhere. This would stay for long, and you even don’t have to change the decorations when the baby grows up.

Wise furniture:
Baby rooms should have furniture that takes less space, and make the room look spacious. Try having few pieces of kid’s furniture , like a little wardrobe, a small bed, a table with some shelves or you can have a table with few drawers. Get a sophisticated small chair for the nanny, and the room will look complete and perfect..

Get some personalization:
Our babies are of course special to us. To have some personalization is a great way to make your angel feel special. You can print initials of your baby’s name or patch work and embroidery could be used to engrave baby’s name on towels, bedding sheets or other personal items.

Cool stuff toys:
Fill up one side of the room with some cute toys. It is better if you purchase stuff toys only as they are soft, and would do no harm to the kids, once they reach a stage of picking up toys and directly getting it in their mouth.
So why wait more, Let’s get started!

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