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Polka Dots are something that you would love to see on clothes, bags, on nails, but polka dots even looks great in homes too! So why not try sprinkling your space with these lovely patterns and make it more interesting!
It doesn't matter if the polka dots are small, medium or large, it always makes an impact and show no sign of waning in popularity. This spotty trend manages to make the space look smart and trendy at the same time.
Check out a few of these lovely ideas and go dotty this season.

Polka In Exteriors

Special attention has always been given to this zone, as it's the first space that one gets to view after entering. Black and white combo polka dots always works in a colorful background. You may even add artifacts that blend well with the greenery around as well as the garden furniture. After all it brings balance into the frame and gives a picture perfect look to the garden!

Dots For The Living

When it comes to going the dotty way, overdoing the concept will disturb the whole visual. Try to implement the pattern in one object or space as keeping it minimal make the design stand out. Here the polka dotted pattern is on carpet. It can be used in sofa, curtains or even on a wall ! But implement it on just one of these at a time to get an impact.

Polka Dots In Dining & Kitchen

Yet another simple implementation of dots, this time the dining seat upholstery. As the kitchen is an open kitchen design concept, pink colored wall tiles and breakfast counter chairs in pink and black compliments the space and the flowers on the dining all together gives a refreshed look.

Dotted Kitchen

If you don't own an open kitchen plan, still you can get the dots. Just do not over do it by making the dots part of the kitchen cabinet. While planning to bring in polka, always opt for cabinets in one single color. This will help one from not getting distracted.
Opting for wall tiles in dots is the best idea for the kitchen. Adding lights under the cabinet enhances the whole look and works as a focal point.

Similarly it can be part of any room, just try it out in your favorite corners to give a makeover. As this design is also available in the form of fabrics, it's a very cost effective way to bring instant change in the decor.

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