The Space Story : Self Storage and Mini Storage


It is quite surprising to know that the self-storage space in the US is more than three times the size of the Manhattan Island. One out if every ten households in the US rents a storage facility.
Whereas individuals are using the self-storage units for storing everything from clothing to home décor items to sporting equipment and furniture and vehicles, businesses use self storage for documents, excess office equipment, furniture, inventory and supplies.

Self-storage facilities charge monthly rentals and in return allow the tenants to enjoy full access to their units. The units are safe and secure and come with several features that make them so popular. One gets to enjoy outdoor parking, computerized access to the units, alarms on storage units, complimentary use of moving cars, and many other facilities.

All these make up the self-storage facilities the best solution for storage for households and businesses.

Source : nycministorage.
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