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Time to blend in a pinch of blue and a dash of green to the interiors! As these color scheme comes under the "cool color" category, introduce this scheme for your home during the summers to achieve a cool, fresh effect.
Check out a few of the decorating ideas where these color scheme is used smartly and doesn't make the space look over done!

The Living

Here we go! This design is apt for the one with interiors in white. You don't have to make a lot of change to get this effect for your space. Color up the wall with some patterned wallpapers in green, to get that instant effect for the wall behind the show piece. Add throw cushions and curtains in blue to the white canvas to get the right effect.
Note: Adding fabrics in different patterns and shades of blues here, breaks the monotone look.

The Dining & Kitchen

When it comes to bringing this particular color concept in this zone, its quite easy! One can easily customize this space by turquoise colored glass top for the dining table and by adding table mats in green to it.And if you want to use these colors on the wall,opt for the one which is used in minimum over the table! That is,go for green, which can compliment the table mats.
And when it comes to designing of kitchen.If two different colored wall tiles are used for two different walls, it creates a unique look!As most of the time,you must have seen two colors are used in the form of check designs.
Note: Add fabrics of this color theme on white walls to create a focal point.Such simple ideas can make your breakfast look simple yet interesting!

The Bedroom

This color concept is quite common these days,but blending the two colors can be a fun task,if you are good at selecting patterns and fabrics.
Note: To give the space a balanced look don't over use pattern in each and every corner.For example, if you are planning to get polka dots for fabrics,then keep the walls simple.

The Balcony

When the whole home is going through the blues and greens, how can the balcony be ditched? As balcony is a place where we would love to spend some time with some fresh air, it's equally important to make the space look lively! The freshness can be brought into the balcony by adding upholstery in greens for the seating and giving it a spark by the addition of a stripped blue cushion throws. Even adding artifacts in blue and green will work to create an instant fresh look!
Note: Do not forget to add plants in balconies, because it's one of the way to instantly connect oneself with the nature.
Do try this idea to achieve the cool color effect this season.

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