Architectural Design And Facts About Pillars Or Columns Structure

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The principle architecture of the ancient history of construction was developed mainly on the post (pillar) and lintel construction. This system of columns (pillars) and lintel was known as Trabeated construction.
As the walls were not very strong hence this pillar and lintel system was employed to provide strength to the architectural structure. Earlier pillars where the strength providing elements for the construction, but soon a series of pillar and arches became a form of construction and was almost adopted by every country & culture. Like for instance, Egyptian, Greek, Roman’s, Mughal’s, Rajasthan royal dynasty construction.

Art And Intricacy

Soon after the adaptation of columns (pillar) and the arches series as the main form of construction, it was designed and decorated with intricate carving. Artisans were employed to give it an aesthetic and designer look by intricate stylish cutting of stone (pillar). Not just carving, but even vegetable paints, colors were poured into it for that magnificent beauty of the structure.

Roman Architecture

Roman architecture continued the legacy left by the earlier architects of the Greek world, and the Roman respect for this tradition established five architectural columns:
• Tuscan
• Doric
• Ionic
• Corinthian
• Composite

The Artistic Pillars

Each of the pillars had their own style of carving, design, height, and so forth, depending upon their function and designing needs in the architectural structure. Series of pillar undoubtedly provided not only the strength on the Roman architecture, but is also considered as the evergreen architectural design and inspiration to millions.

Continued Adaption By Arabic culture

• Shahada: Faith.
• Salat: Prayer.
• Zakāt : Giving.
• Sawm: Fasting
• Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca.
Arabic classic pillars were engaged in the colors of abstract patterns, involving green, gold and red decoration to it. The remarkable stylish decorations were meant by Islamic motifs which were also applied to the walls, doors and galleries.
These days, even at times we create false pillars to give a modernized and appealing look to our architectural construction. Pillars are an old way to style up and strengthen up the interiors and structure.

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