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The kitchen being the busiest place, at times gets ignored by the home makers and hence, most of the time they usually opt for light or pale colors for the kitchen, just to play safe! It's time to come out of these light combinations, and try out something brighter and happier for a new look of kitchen! Check out a few of the tips and tricks here, to transform your plain looking kitchen into bold and beautiful kitchens!

Paint The Wall Bright!

Just painting the wall with bright color, is not the only option to bring back the missing brightness and charm of the space. In fact, it’s only the first step, or rather the easiest tip to be applied to your space! For a change try :
• Lemon Green.
• Tints and shades of Red.
• Orange with bright and pale effects.
• Pink and purple (for that sexy sweet combination)
• Olive green, cool blue, magenta )are the colors of life).

The Rainbow Effect

"Bake and Make" your kitchen with unique color combination to get rid of that monotonous effect and designing! Try laminates with different colors, combine the color wheel combination for that “wow” look.
Texture up the cabinets with either glossy or matt finish. Whichever, that matches the rest of the kitchen furniture's. So ditch the wooden texture or wooden laminates! Even the cabinets starve for better vibrant look!

Sleek Steel

A little bit of bling can never go wrong with a bright, vibrant space!
Add in eye catching stain steel accessories to the counter top, to give the kitchen a sleek look!

Introduce Open Shelves

Closed cabinets are a bit old fashioned! Try out few open cabinets with curtains (colorful curtains with different patterns and texture) to mix up well with the overall decor of your kitchen. How about a bright red and yellow kitchen designs!
If you get open cabinets above the counter and paint the inner part added with bright colored china crockery, for a summer and bright look all year long!
There are no limits to design, let the creativity flow in your mind, and see the results of your creativity!

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