Basic to Elaborate: Home Improvements that add Value to your Property


Basics to Elaborate: Home Improvements That Add Value
Home improvement can make you feel proud of your property and make you feel much happier generally when you’re in your house.
The ways in which you can improve where you live are endless, but by making the right tweaks and amendments, you could add a substantial amount to the value of your house (both aesthetic and financial).
You don’t necessarily have to be a top artist and interior designer to develop your residence - simply by picking up a paintbrush and a couple of tools you could add a great deal of value and beauty!

Hire a Professional
Although it is acceptable to do some of the work yourself, to get absolute perfection in your decorating and installations you might want to hire someone else with a high level of skill to do some of the jobs - there’s no point putting in the time if it’s going to look a mess in the end!

When redecorating and expanding your house for the market, always stick to the state of mind of a buyer. The fact that you don’t know the interests of your future buyer is great, as this means you won’t be able to stylize the home to suit a certain personality. You want to improve your house to make it neutral in order to appeal to a mass market.
The development of any home takes time, commitment and money - but once you complete the process you will be over the moon. As long as you can accept the requirements and supply them, your home could have the potential to be the most amazing house on the street.

Basic Clean Up
The first part to improving your residence can be simple but definitely beneficial. There is no point putting your home on the market or improving other aspects if you still have grimey areas and elements of uncleanliness. It might seem daunting when you consider every corner of your home and any damp areas on the ceiling, but once you get the right advice and know how to clean it, it can be easy enough to get done.
Make sure every surface is dusted, the floors and carpets are spotless and the cupboard under the stairs is clutter-free! A house buyer is likely to notice any flaws and imperfections, so set out to get a deep clean done before you even consider the idea of an increased property value.

It is probable that you have re-designed your home and added personal touches to each room. The first stage of decorating is completely scrapping the elements of ‘you’ and going neutral. The safest option would be to paint the walls magnolia, as this makes the space appear big, fresh and appreciable. A buyer will be more likely to invest if you have plain walls, because this leaves the residence open for adaptations and your buyer will prefer to personalise their new home.

A buyer wants to walk into a house that looks fresh, modern and well-looked-after, so you should get new flooring and carpets fitted that also match the neutral walls if necessary. It can be very difficult knowing what flooring is going to appeal to your buyer, therefore it may be more beneficial to add wooden flooring (avoid cheap laminate flooring as it has a tendency to crease and look messy).

It is common sense that a bigger home equals a bigger value. Getting an extension fitted can be expensive, but it will potentially raise your home’s value to an incredible degree. An extension can form any kind of room - where you extend may depend on your area and how other houses close by are laid out.
A lot of people appreciate en suite master bedrooms, as 33% of house buyers state that an extended bedroom is what they look out for.

Instead of this, you could go for the addition of a conservatory - these can cost less money to build but definitely add value. Buyers love a home with a conservatory as it adds natural light and more space to build and decorate into.

Central Heating
Nobody likes a cold house! Fitting in central heating is vital for those homes that do not have it. Renovating your house should include the installation of central heating because it will attract many more buyers, especially ‘green’ buyers if you choose to install one with a high efficiency or biomass boiler.
The Kitchen
Kitchens are a focal point to home buying. Buyers will be converted in their decisions by the layout and appearance of your kitchen. To have a positive impact, you should ensure that your kitchen is modern and spacial. Getting a new kitchen fitted may well be the best bet, as designers are becoming increasingly adept at creating the best possible kitchen spaces which utilise space as best as possible. All your appliances and equipment should be fully up-to-date as buyers will see older appliances as less efficient.

It is completely worth investing in a new roof layout or roof tiles as this makes the exterior of your home look more expensive and contemporary. A damaged roof will steer away any buyers as they will see this as potential danger or a situation of leakage or dampness waiting to occur - not to mention a big financial burden for themselves. Your roof will affect the whole home in that it will determine the entry of rain and rodents - a well built roof will also protect your residence and insulate it sufficiently. Updating your roof might entail changing the color or style of the tiles roofing. It could also be a great advantage to change the material from asbestos to Color bond steel, which is durable and termite resistant.

Upgrading your home to make it safe, modern and stable will dramatically improve your chances of owning a high-value home. Nevertheless, you should make sure that your home complies with the requirements of a mass market rather than your own personal preferences. If you complete your home development in this way, you are sure to succeed in adding some considerable value.

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This blog was written by Rachel Jensen Beddard Roofing, the roofing specialists.

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