Wall Niches Design Tips & Ideas


Niche is the hollow space in the wall, which is used to enhance the beauty of the overall space as well as provides space for storage. It is one of the great room design alternatives to maintain the rhythm and harmony of any design concept. For much of the aesthetic look, one can exhibit it in the most dramatic way with ease!

Niches are the smallest parts of the house, but needs extra attention for beautifying the interiors. Giving the personal touch or design to a niche hugely depends upon ones personal taste, occasion, styling and the rest of the home interior. With a little effort, one can earn accolades for using the niches in a classic way.

Wall Niches

It immensely and immediately provides the space with:
• Instant classy style to the home design and decors.
• Helps in exhibiting some great artifacts or showpieces.
• Provides extra space for books, flower vases, and so forth.
• It creates amazing, outstanding focal points at the gallery, foyer, living room, and so forth.
• They serve you a perfect platform to showcase the excellent art work collection.
• Gives one good cabinet space & good wall area in bathrooms.

Wall Niche Styles

Wall niches provide unending benefits, but one likewise needs to pamper these spaces and play with it in a smart manner. Design a wall niche with:
• Materials like tiles and stones to create a versatile look and have a cosmopolitan appeal.
• Blend in glass and wood.
• Wallpapers are modern idea to cover niches with.
• Additionally, fix in dramatic light effects to showcase the collection.

Decor Accents For Niches

• A simple, sober antique loves to show its rusty look in a wall niche.
• Sculpture, artifacts, vases always die to get a niche accommodation for a better showcase.
• Teaming up of small paintings with a few artifacts give an elegant look to the niches.
• Add in a few family pictures to get that cozy and intimate family look.

The Advantage Of Wall Niche

The spaces in niches are limited which means one doesn’t have much to buy and spend on! But in case one plans to get a niche constructed, make sure that the background supports well in beautifying the displays and enhances the decors of the overall space.

Utilize The Stairway

Not sure about the instant ways to decorate the stairs? Then this idea is something, anyone would love to add. As wall next to the stairs is a great way to add niches!

The Light Effect

Add spotlight to enhance the accents added in the dark area!

Therefore, add in niches as they have design power to give an appealing look to any bedroom, office, living room, foyer, gallery, bathroom, and so forth.

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