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Wall treatment has already become the part of many spaces. It speaks the secretive sensitive language of your lifestyle, thinking and attitude towards life. In a residence, each member has different choices and requirements, then how could it be possible to repeat same wall design in every room? Each and every room has its own appetite for different kind of wall designs. Here a few wall treatment ideas have been mentioned, for you to choose from.

Master Bedroom Wall Treatment

An adorable, comfortable, romantic space! Vacant walls of this room always starve and wait for some unique wall decor:
• Give personal touch to the walls with some romantic colors like pink, red, purple, etc.
• Create an inviting look with floral prints, little hearts wallpaper, star stickers, etc.
• Let the wall glow romantically with effective and decorative illumination.
• For a cozy and intimate corner, place a couch beside the "designer wall".
• A texture effect with niches in the wall creates that classy look.

The Kids World

The kids have their own small little sweet world, and they expect their parents to derive out all that imaginary sweetness in their room. So get creative for your child to blossom:
• Add wall designs in bright and soft patterns & colors.
• Cover the walls with animated cartoon wallpapers or stickers. Can change the stickers after every six months, for minor renovation, if required.
• Let the radium stickers, glow, to make their nights more dreamy and sweet.
• Random placement of colorful paints, hand prints, soft textures gives a brighter look to the walls.

The Living Space

When it comes to living room designs, walls crave for the brightest, elegant and royal touch wall treatments. This space, not only welcomes back the family, but also plays the most important role to entertain the guests. Therefore, construct the imaginations with:
• Wood paneling, laminated walls.
• Textured art with a sober touch.
• Construction of wall niches, to fix up photo frames, to showcase your vase collection, antique collection etc.
• Application of big paintings, family pictures and so on looks very impressive (if one has a big wall).

Dining Room

The bold paint colors ensures to transform any dining room from okay to extraordinary! At any point when attempting to add a dramatic statement to the decor, don't go overboard! Bold doesn't need to be over the top, it could be part of the majority space, yet toned with the addition of neutrals and the striking black, for that perfect look.

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