Eclectic Designing Tips


Eclectic theme encloses a variety of periods and styles, and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. Interior designers, states this design concept can breathe new life into any room, and can help make your space, a truly accurate reflection of your individuality!

A good strategy when designing an eclectic room is to start with a neutral colored floor, to help tie all the elements together. A neutral color floor isn’t unattractive, if used in the right manner. It works as a canvas, to create an eclectic room theme. The visuals and charm of a hardwood floor can add an attractive level of style and artistry to a room.

Benefits Of eclectic designing

Classy cocktail - A blend of both old and new interior trends.
A remarkable way to exhibits amazing creations under a roof.
Endless creative ways to induce different culture, and showcase amazing home accessories, representing different states, countries.

The Eclectic Design Principles

Limit the amount of styles you want to mix: Bring balance to the design, by editing your collection to create harmony and focal points. Practice moderation with your pieces.

Limit the amount of colors you use: Even though you like them all separately, they might not look so good when you group them all together. In order to avoid creating a mess, you have to be careful what you choose.

Harmony and unity: Group objects that work well together, for example, use different chairs around your dining table, but use same colored fabric to unify the look. That is, use color and texture to unite objects from different styles and periods.

Scale and proportion: A mix of small, medium and large pieces helps balance out a room.

A Few Tips To Start With

When creating an eclectic interior decor, you should take risks. Don’t try to be safe, but rather take a chance. Of course, you don’t want to waste money on something that turns out to be a mess, so you could first take a picture of the room you want to redecorate, analyze it and then try different combinations. If you don’t like the result just try again. You can use many different colors, use nature to help create your eclectic look. Airy flower arrangements atop a dark, antique table can give a balance of dark and light colors.

Play with textures in your room. From an old frame with the paint peeling to nubby rugs to silky pillows, textures keep the room interesting and inviting, but it’s important to have a coherent combination. Pay attention to the scale and proportions and mix and match different textures. It’s easier to imagine everything when you have a clean background. Also, don’t be afraid to create bold focal points and accent pieces. Its definitely a playful theme to design your spaces, and a successful color combination may inspire others as well.

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